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The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "Iko Iko"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Iko Iko”

You remember “Iko Iko” from “Rain Man,” but I bet you didn’t know how many versions of the song there were! Big Money and Dr. Gonzo take a listen in the latest Cover Convo!

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "Hey Joe"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Hey Joe”

While I’m sure you’re all familiar with Jimi Hendrix’s version of “Hey Joe,” you haven’t LIVED until you’ve heard Eddie Murphy’s take. That and more in the latest Cover Convo.

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "I'm Every Woman"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “I’m Every Woman”

Blerd & Dr. Gonzo are back, with a spirited debate over whether Whitney Houston or Chaka Khan owns the title of “every woman.”

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "The Loved One"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “The Loved One”

Blerd: HELLO! Gonzo: Heyo! B: What happened to trivia? G: They went to their normal spot, found it obnoxiously crowded and were heading to lesser spot, which did not include music in its trivia offerings-which was the whole reason they wanted to bring me in.  B: Well, you know much more than music, my friend. G: This is true, but I know shit tons of useless information about music. B: This is why we are friends, sir. So! We meet for […]

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "You Belong To Me"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “You Belong To Me”

Why are there less than six degrees of separation between Michael McDonald and Jennifer Lopez? Find out in this week’s Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo!

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "I Can't Make You Love Me"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

Bonnie Raitt originally recorded “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, but is her version the definitive version. We discuss in this week’s “Blerd & Gonzo cover convo”!

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Downtown Train”

Who made the better version of “Downtown Train”? Rod Stewart? Tom Waits? Bob Seger? Everything But The Girl?

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Rich Girl”

Gonzo: Ayo! Blerd: Sup man?…rifling through the 6 million albums i bought today. (ok, not 6 million…it was 8) G: I only got two – I’m waiting for the super deluxe Nirvana set. I’ve never bought a super deluxe anything! B: Haha…I dont have super deluxe money! G: I’ve got a super deluxe…oh, never mind. B: So, I’ve been thinking about cover convo combos. G: Do tell! B: I decided I was gonna go with a new release theme, and […]

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Tainted Love”

Blerd: you there? Gonzo: give me a munte…er…a minute. I want nothing to with a munte. B: That sounds like an exotic animal. G: Yes, you don’t want that thing to burrow into your skin. B: It was a red and black munte; the deadliest munte in the world! Next on Animal Planet! G: Black and red are the worst kind! OK, let’s get down to business. it’s been a mighty long time. B: It has! Where’ve you been? G: First, […]

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Family Man”

Dr. Gonzo: BLERD, I’M A BUSY MAN Blerd: Ha! i didnt even see you there! My fault…i was deep into the book i was reading. So, I thought about five different songs we could use today…at least! Kept changing my mind. G: It’s good to have options. B: Oh man, you’d have had PLENTY of em. But in the end, I narrowed it down to one song. So, without further ado… G: bddddddddddddddddddddd (ed. note: I believe this is supposed […]

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Girlfriend” (MJ Edition)

Gonzo: So last time, you alluded to your selections for our next cover convo, and I’ve been waiting with curious anticipation ever since. Blerd: Well, we just finished up a lengthy conversation that was primarily about the King of Pop, so we’re gonna continue in that vein. Although neither version of this song is ESPECIALLY well-known, we’re gonna go with the reasonably popular version first-which, in this case, is the cover. G: Ah yes. B: one of the more incidental […]

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Nothing Compares 2 U”

G: huzzah! B: good evening, sir! Up for a little covers action tonight? G: Hellz yeah. B: You wanna get the festivities started or shall i initiate? G: Go right ahead, sir. this was your pick B: Okey doke. Well first in line…     G: mmmmm. Susannah Melvoin. B: She was a minx…and still looks good! G: I know! The Melvoin twins still fine! B: You know, there was supposed to be a Family reunion (ha!) album like a […]