Blerd: HELLO!
Gonzo: Heyo!
B: What happened to trivia?
G: They went to their normal spot, found it obnoxiously crowded and were heading to lesser spot, which did not include music in its trivia offerings-which was the whole reason they wanted to bring me in.
 B: Well, you know much more than music, my friend.
G: This is true, but I know shit tons of useless information about music.
B: This is why we are friends, sir.
So! We meet for another Glorious Cover Convo, and i believe the heat is off me.
G: So I’ll be honest – I didn’t plan out a selection for today.  Then I came home to find that it had been what I like to call “a good mail day.”
 B: Oh?
G: In addition to a fresh pair of running shoes, my long-coveted copy of the Deluxe Edition of INXS’ Kick had arrived. Straight from The Netherlands!
 B: Man, you were waiting for that for a minute, weren’t you?
G: It’s true. I didn’t even know that it existed until I had a drunken chat with Duquette about INXS one night last summer.
Well, I wasn’t talking so much. My end of the conversation probably went something like “KICK IS LIKE, THE BSET FCKING ALBUM SOOO UNDERRATED”
With my new prize in hand, I thought we’d switch it up a bit this time around.
The song in question was never much of a hit, at least in the States.
But really, every song in Kick is a hit to me.
But enough about INXS. Let’s go back to revisit my obsession with 1960s garage rock.
B: OK,  Little Steven.

B: Wow–going for full name recognition here.
G: Yes.  New mix idea: songs named after the bands that perform them.
B: Oh man, how many would you be able to come up with?
G: Hmm, I’d have to think about it with a bit of depth.
So like the aforementioned INXS, The Loved Ones hail from down under.
B: The verses definitely have a garage rock thing to them… the hook is very Beatley.
G: They were only really active for about two years – this single was issued in 1966, and performed very well in their homeland. I’m not quite sure how the Aussie charting system works, but it peaked at #s 9 and 11 on two different charts there.
Honestly, I never knew that the INXS track was a cover. I always assumed it was an original. Then a few years ago I was religiously scouring a few blogs that deal primarily with garage rock, and discovered these Oz Mods.
B: Oz Mods. Sounds like…some weird robot character or something.
G: Let’s jump ahead to 1987, shall we?


 B: One of my favorite years
These songs only sound vaguely identical to me.
G: The INXS version definitely has a more seductive prowl to the verse, no doubt aided by Michael Hutchence’s seemingly perpetual seductive energy.
B: What a frontman!
The guitar and keyboard parts in this version scream Eighties LOUDLY.
G: Their last show was in Pittsburgh. I foolishly went to some stupid fucking school dance instead.
B: Well. how would you have known it would be their last show?
G: Some friends went and never ceased to rub it in my face.
Now, this cut was not released as a single the US, though it did chart at #20 in Australia.
Interestingly, it was the second time they’d recorded and released the song in their home country.
 B: It looks like there was a version recorded in 1981 or thereabouts?
Yes, as a single only.  Now, I’ve never heard this version, so this should be an interesting little experiment.


B: OK, this sounds a bit different.
G: This single only version hit #18. So in effect, INXS charted the Australian top 20 twice within seven years via two versions of the same cover. And man – I am digging this!
B: This is a little less time-stamped.
G: It’s kind of a happy medium between The Loved Ones and the Kick version.  And now I’m kind of pissed that this wasn’t included as a bonus cut on Kick.
B: This video is killer!
G: The bridge is a lot grittier here, which I love.
Well, hot damn! Looks like I have a new rare INXS item to search for on eBay!
G: Well, we’ve got three versions of “The Loved One” before us. What sayeth you, Blerdy?
B: Um…I’m gonna have to go with Door #3- the early ’80s INXS remake. That shit was kickin’.
G: Well, I’m going to break with my usual strategy.
Most often I side with the original on principle. But I’ll actually rank The Loved Ones third. I love it, it’s got that raw rugged sound that I love.
But INXS ranks higher, which may simply be due to their 1987 version being my initial basis for comparison.
HOWEVER, I think I’m going to follow suit and go with the 1981 cut. I already want to listen to it again.
B: The Kick version has a little bit too much ’80s to it… it sounds a bit like “2000 Miles” by The Pretenders.
G : Good call, my man. Very similar progression.
B:  I would rank them in the same order.  i mean, garage rock is supposed to sound messy.
But the Loved One version sounded REALLY messy…catchy, but messy.
G: I’ll also just throw this out there – if anyone wants to blow $15-30, I will accept the 1981 7″ as a donation. For “research.”
(the realization that Blerd & Gonzo’s birthdays are less than two weeks apart follows, and they plan to celebrate their birthdays together…in a karaoke lounge…with copious amounts of liquor, which Gonzo believes they can also write off as “research” and concludes with Gonzo reassuring Blerd “trust me, I’m a fucking doctor.”)
B: So did we officially render a verdict?
G: Indeed. INXS with the little-known 1981 recording.
B: Shout out to Michael Hutchence!
G: Shout out to the Eskimos!
B: ?
All right dude, need to back away from the PC for a few!
G: Love, peace and soul!
(and with that, we reach the end of another Cover Convo. Both our heroes come to the same verdict…1981’s INXS cover is the most “loved,” followed by INXS’s 1987 cover (seriously–why did they cover it twice?) and trailed by the Loved One original. Now, off to blast “Need You Tonight” at ear-shattering levels on the stereo.)
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