Michael “MJ” Joseph (also occasionally known as Big Money) is the editor in chief and founder of Popblerd. He emerged from the bowels of Brooklyn and currently makes his home near Boston, MA. Former editor in chief of sonicclash.com, he also contributes to popdose.com and has written reviews for many other sites around the internets, including Popmatters.com and Rhythmflow.net. He’s currently in his 22nd year as a music industry employee, and has his hand in everything from DJing to marketing and social media management.

He is currently co-authoring two books, including Jheri Curl Chronicles: An Encyclopedia Of Soul Music In The ’80s, a collaboration with Thomas Inskeep. | Posts by Big Money | Follow Popblerd On Twitter

The “& Friends”:

Garrett (GG)  has been blogging since 2002 and in 2008, started Fight Game Blog, which covers boxing, MMA, and pro wrestling. He also writes from time to time for Sonic Clash. Here at Popblerd!, Garrett, a diehard San Francisco Giants fan, writes the baseball column Sweet Chin Muzak. In addition, he writes the football column 10 Yard Fight, which is mostly an excuse to talk about his beloved 49ers, but also goes over every game in the NFL season. He’ll chime in from time to time on other topics like reality TV and whenever Big Money Mike forces him to give his opinion on music-related lists. He has two kids who keep him busy and try to force his hair to turn gray. | Follow GG on Twitter

Jeff Giles is the founder and editor-in-chief of Popdose.com, and contributes to Ultimate Classic Rock, Rotten Tomatoes and many other websites. | Follow Jeff on Twitter

On the outside Kevin “KJ” Johnson is your local Nationwide Insurance agent. On the inside he’s an aspiring writer who spent six years with the Everett Herald’s sports department writing about every high school sport possible, along with covering minor league baseball. His blog, “Lisy’s Battle with Leukemia“, about his wife’s successful battle with cancer, was featured by MSN.com in 2005 and was used in their promotion of the now defunct MSN Spaces. After God, his wife and three kids, the Sultan, WA resident would list Star Wars, Boyz II Men, fantasy sports, actual sports, the TV show “Friends”, Peyton Manning and chocolate milk on his list of things he hearts. | Follow Kevin on Twitter

Michael Cunningham is the former multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for the Pittsburgh rock band Neighbours. He lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area | Follow Cunningham on Twitter.

Michael Parr is the “tall editor” of Popdose.com (he really is tall) and contributes the site’s popular feature “The Friday Five.” He’s a former contributor to Ickmusic and is a full-time dad, pop culture maven and can cook his ass off. | Follow Parr on Twitter.

Robert Cass lives in Chicago and is currently studying library and information science through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also performs improv comedy with the groups Koleno and Angerstein Street. | Follow Robert on Twitter

Zack Stiegler (aka Dr. Z) is a Professor of Communication and Media Studies, effectively putting the “geek” in “music geek.” Much of his writing centers on media law and policy, as in his 2013 edited volume Regulating the Web: Network Neutrality and the Fate of the Open Internet (Lexington Books). His music writing has appeared in the Journal of Popular Music Studies, as well as Chistopher R. Smit’s collection, Michael Jackson: Grasping the Spectacle (2012, Ashgate). For better or for worse, the good Doctor is also a karaoke junkie, once winning a competition based on his rendition of Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star.” | Follow Dr. Z on Twitter



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