Big Money wrote a fine piece about Don Cornelius earlier this week after the news of his passing hit. I can’t really add anything to it other than that to me, he was one of the most recognizable music figures when I was growing up. I honestly don’t remember who was on Solid Gold. But outside of Dick Clark, I don’t think there’s anyone else I associated with music or music television more so than Cornelius. Here’s something to chew on: MTV was a network dedicated to music and music videos (early MTV), yet no VJ is more memorable than Cornelius. He was an institute.

I want to share a few Soul Train videos, including the one that’s dedicated to Cornelius by whoever is behind the Soul Train YouTube channel.

This one features Stevie Wonder riffing and Don playing basketball with Marvin Gaye.

MJ does the robot while he and J5 perform Dancing Machine.

Lastly, Don himself goes down the Soul Train line.

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