Blerd: How was your thanksgiving?

Gonzo: Delicious, and yours?

B: More or less the same…I do feel kind of piggish.

Maybe i should take a long walk later today or something! (ed. note: I wound up doing exactly that.)

G: Can’t hurt! I should do the same.

B: Please…you’re in much better shape than i…a couple of healthy meals wouldn’t kill you!

Healthy meaning large quantities. As opposed to healthy as in, like, healthy.

G: Well, there’s plenty of that this time of year

B: So, it’s my turn this time around, innit?

G: Yes sir, it is!

B: Well, i have some yacht rock goodness for you today.

G: Ooh!

B: Courtesy of my man…the hardest working beard in show business…

G: Fire it up!

B: This isnt the studio version…but screw it.

G: Smooooooth.

B: Damn…30 seconds in and i think i like this live version better than the studio version.

G: It is pretty hot.

B: Sax-y!!

G: Mike Mac is killing it!

B: Yeah man, i need to see him live next time he rolls through town. I missed him with Steely Dan, and I think Boz Scaggs too. Hell was I thinking?

G: Seriously, man! What would Koko say?

B: Wait-who the hell is Koko?

G: Wait, you’ve seen the Yacht Rock series, right?

B: Parts of it! I dont remember a Koko though…

G: Ah. Koko was the guy that died and was in essence, the spirit of smooth.

B: Ahhhhh. Well, then thankfully Koko is no longer around and I will not feel (as) shamed for missing McD/Boz/Steely Dan.

So apparently, even though McDonald wrote the song, the Doobies didn’t make the first version.

G: Oh? News to me!

G: Oh wow.

B: I stand corrected! The Doobies released it first, but it wasn’t a single. Carly’s version was.

G: The cover convo is always so educational.

B: It’s edutainment! Like KRS ONE says.

G: I actually like her version, though the chorus is a little too sing song-y.

B: It fits her voice, though. The original Doobies version apes Carly’s…or well vice versa.

Less funk and more smooth.

G: Agreed.

I never considered Carly as a yacht rocker, but she really pulls it off here

B: She was pretty adaptable. She could do the singer songwriter thing, the yacht rock thing. Did you ever hear the song she did with Chic?

G: Whoa, I don’t think so.

G: Wow.

B: Oh my. This video is AWESOME.

G: I would never be able to guess what decade this is from.

B: I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re being sarcastic?

G: Me? nawwwwwwww 😉

B: That video is all kinds of fantastic, but back to the conversation at hand.

It seems as though “You Belong To Me” has become a favorite of R&B divas.

Which makes sense, seeing as Carly and Michael are two very well known R&B divas.

So…feast your ears on this.

G: Oh yeah.

Anita Baker and Mike Mac have similar vocal ranges

B: I can’t believe they’ve never done a duet. Although, if they are, indeed, the same person…

G: This is definitely her style.

B: Yeah, she slowed it down a bit. Has a jazzy vibe to it, and she kills the ad-libs.

G: Is Anita doing anything these days?

B: She was on the BET Awards earlier this year with MJB. Still sounds good…i think she’s pretty active on twitter, too.

…and now for something completely different…sort of…

G: Aw man. I knew this couldn’t be that easy.

B: HAHAH!!! Believe it or not, it isn’t that bad.

G: You’re right. This is actually decent. The flamenco guitar is a nice touch

To go with J-Lo’s nice tush.

B: In the end, it’s all about the ass.

Play on words!

OK-so believe it or not, I got one more for ya.

Taking things full circle…

G: YES! The vocoder on this!

B: Believe it or not, that’s the part i don’t like!…well, i won’t say I don’t like it, but i’m like “why?”

G: The vocoder has a special place in my heart. What album is this?

B: It’s on her last studio album [amazon-product text=”Funk This” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B000TP5ST4[/amazon-product]. That album is AMAZEBALLS!

G: Well, that track at least gives me a good indication.

Wait, Jam and Lewis produced, and she covers “Sign ‘O’ the Times?”

B: Yezzir.

As well as “Castles made of Sand” by Hendrix. Plus a Joni Mitchell song.

So, there ya go…five songs to choose from.

G: I’ll say, they’re all pretty decent.

OK, here we go:

1. Doobies

2. Chaka

3. Carly

4. Anita ?

5. J-Lo?

J-Lo and Anita are pretty close.

B: Hmmm…interesting. That Doobies live version is smoking. I would probably put that ahead of the studio version. Either or, they’re first.

Then Anita, Carly, J. Lo and Chaka. But they’re all pretty damn good.

G: Chaka last? Chaka mad!

B: I have to qualify that. I like ALL of these! Actually, let me re-rank: Anita, J. Lo, Chaka and Carly.

Do we need to start a Drunk Chaka twitter feed? Like Drunk Hulk?


B: I’m grooving Chaka, I’m grooving!!

You know-we could probably do 6 months worth of these just about Chaka Khan.

G: So true. She’s had quite a career.

B: So does that wrap us up this time around?

G: I guess so.

Michael McDonald for the win!

B: As it should always be!

G: He’s kind of the man.

B: He is…amazing that his voice has held up that well after 25 years too!

G: I know! Still smooooooth.

B: All right. Till next time: Blerd, Gonzo and McDonald OUT!!


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