Big Money: So, Dr. Gonzo!
Do you feel the same way I do about covers?
Gonzo: I feel the same way about covers as the Rolling Stones felt in 1989.

BM: oh crap
Went to get something to drink!!
Are you trying to say you have mixed emotions.
Or are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?
G: phew
I was beginning to think that my efforts at musical puns were in vain.
BM: So it’s the rock and the hard place, then?
I had no idea that our cover convos caused you so much grief.
But I should have known by looking at your far away eyes.
I tried to come to your emotional rescue.
But you know what? I’m out of tears.
G: Bitch.
BM: Dammit, you did it before I could.
This is why I love you.
Me: Ha!
BM:   It’s your turn to pick ’em!
G: I thought that might be the case.
Coincidentally, I was thinking of a Stones tune, but I changed my mind.
As you know, part of my summer travels took me to New Orleans.
BM: Yes, they did.
G: An incredible city that literally oozes music of many different stripes.
BM: So i hear!
G: So I thought perhaps we’d take a listen to one of the most iconic and popular tunes from New Orleans’ rich history.
BM: Okie dokie.
I’m ready.
G: The tragedy here is that I can’t find the original, recorded by James “Sugar Boy” Crawford in 1953.
All I can dig up are covers and other Crawford recordings.
So instead of beginning at the very beginning with Crawford’s recording of a tune called “Jock-A-Mo,” we have to jump to 1965:

G:Ha – takes the white folks four bars to clap in time.
BM: HA!!!!
G: On both the R&B and Hot 100, The Dixie Cups’ recording of “Iko Iko” peaked at #20.
BM: For some reason, i had no idea the Dixie Cups recorded this.
G: Well, it was surely overshadowed by their #1 hit “Chapel of Love.”
BM: Ahhhh yes.
That song I’m way more familiar with.
And would correctly attribute to the Dixie Cups.
G: PS – you could not have a band named The Dixie Cups in 2012 and avoid litigation.
BM: Tell me about it.
They’d have to change their name to something generic.
The Paper Utensils with Flowers On ’em.
G: The Paper Cups.
Regardless – “Iko” has been covered many, many times by many, many artists.
BM: It has!
G: But one of the more popular came in the late 1980s when a slew of Hollywood films made use of version from earlier in the decade:

BM: This was the one that was a hit, yeah?
G: Yes. I can’t find a chart position, but it certainly did well.
G: Seriously.
BM: And tom Cruise before he went crazy…
G: Also, it’s been a while since i’ve seen the film, but I’m pretty sure there is absolutely no correlation between this song and the plot line.
BM: Oh, of course not.
G: So much spandex!
So much neon!
BM: I know what to get you for Christmas.
G: Rain Man on Blu-Ray? Or neon spandex?
BM: Neon spandex! Maybe a copy of rain man will come after.
This was the late ’80s.
Do you think the women in the video actually sang the song?
G: I really don’t think so, based on what I’ve seen of their other work.
BM: Ahhhhhh.
G: They had some modest success in the UK with this and a cover of Shirley Ellis’ “Hand Clapping Song,” as well as a tune called “Sign of the Times” (no relation to the similarly titled Prince track, thank god).
The video for the latter makes me think that your suspicions are correct.
BM: Just seems appropriate for the time period.
G: But again, I digress.
Let’s get the hell out of Hollywood and back to the Big Easy.
BM: Okay!!!
I’m one of those things.
And here, we get a bit of history on the song as well. Ladies and gentlemen, the Doctor is in:

BM: Dr. John and Dr. Gonzo. Do you know one another?
G: Man, I got clowned by a karaoke DJ when I did Dr. John recently.
BM: Hahaha…i don’t know if you could swing the voice.
Me: He thought I called myself Dr. for shits and giggles.
BM: Oh geezus.
80s percussion again!!
But that voice!!
David Sanborn!
Wait, was this his show?
I didn’t recognize him at the beginning.
G: “Night Music.”
BM: They’re getting down!!
G: F’real!
Shreddin’ like a motherfucker.
BM: That made me happy.
G: That’s why I’m here, my friend.
But seriously, that’s what’s so great about New Orleans and its music.
It has that effect. On my most recent trip, I somewhere read a slogan that “A bad day in New Orleans is still better than a good day elsewhere,” which is probably true.
BM: I’ll bet.
G: Well, I’m going to duck the Grateful Dead’s cover, because I don’t feel like listening to a bunch of hippies space out and jam for 15 minutes.
(Sorry, Pete!)
BM: Oh HELL no.
I would have hated you forever if you made me listen to that.
G: And we could listen to Sharon, Lois, and Bram, but…..
I do have maybe two more if you’re game.
BM: My middle name is game.
BM: How do you know??
G: Oh, I know. Because you pride yourself on sharing initials with the patron saint of Popblerd.
“A hee, hee, hee.”
G: It’s unfortunate that Michael never recorded a version of “Iko.” Or is it?
BM: Oh Lord.
Imagine what that would’ve sounded like.
MJ rhythm track in the background.
Lots of grunting.
G: “Iko, DAH, Iko. DAH.”
BM: Exactly!!!
G: Oddly enough, that gives us a nice segue into another ’80s icon:

BM: What the hell is that percussionist wearing?
That is definitely NOT Paulinho Da Costa.
G: I don’t care. Cyndi at the height of her career.
BM:   Cyndi is awesome.
This is kinda lifeless, though.
G: Yeah….this would be a good time to hit the snack bar.
BM: Right?
BM: she’s singing “Iko Iko?” I gotta PISS.
G: I think she actually included this on her second album.
BM: It might be.
I would get my copy of “True Colors” right now, but I am lazy.
G: Oof…and “What’s Going On.”
BM: Awww, I kinda liked that one.
G: Well, i’ve got one more that is totally new for me.
BM: Okie doke.
This better not be a bad one.
G: Thank you, Wikipedia for the nudge.

BM: Hmmmm!!
I really, really like Zevon.
But this….
BM: This is not one of his better decisions, that’s for sure.
G: Are we sure this isn’t the Sharon, Lois, and Bram cut?
BM: There were drugs involved here, must have been.
G: Oh yeah – Zevon, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jimmy Buffet all partied together around this time.
G: For such a great songwriter, his covers leave much to be desired.
I heard him do “Raspberry Beret” once which was marginally better than this.
BM: Ohhhh yeah Hindu Love Gods.
It was him and REM minus Stipe.
I actually like that one too   .         .
G: Well, I think I’m Iko-ed out.
Those last couple kind of killed my Iko.
BM: Ikon’t take it anymore!
BM: Try the fish!
BM: Now we’re in a Chinese restaurant?
I want an egg roll now.
G: “I bet you didn’t know I had a piece of this restaurant.”
BM: Oh Lord.
G: “Now it looks like I’m going to have to buy it all and fire that man.”
BM: 🙂
G: Alright, sir.
BM: Is now the time that we make a choice?
Our fateful decision?
G: Yizzur.
BM: Are we just picking one?
Or are we ranking?
G: Let’s rank and see how that goes.
Although to be fair, a few of these were pretty rank.
BM: Ok, from the bottom up:
5) Lauper
4) Zevon
3) Belle Stars
3) Dixie Cups
2) Belle Stars…or whoever the hell was singing
1) Dr. John-no contest

G: Wow.
I’m a little surprised by the 2-3 standings.
BM: ’80s memories, I think.
G: Well, my list will parallel yours, but swap nos. 2 and 3.
You know me well enough to know that the good Doctor will be #1 for me.
BM: That shit was killer, dog!!
You have to make me a Dr. John mixtape.
G: There’s actually a studio version that’s a little bit better, and a little less produced.
PLUG: The new Dr. John record (produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys) is an extremely worthwhile purchase.
BM: haha…so i hear…i’m on Amazon looking right now.
G: Well then.
And its gonna be your fault.
G: Please – you were buying cds well before I came into your life.
Side note – the LP comes with a CD copy.
Just sayin’.
BM: When i am destitute,
I will knock on your door.
Plus side, your music collection will double.
G: I can dig that.
My lady will probably move out on account of the geek overload.
G: Right?
BM: hahaha
Okay hombre.
Does this wrap it up for us?
G: That it does.
BM: As alwas, my brotha, it has been a pleas-URE.
G: Likewise!

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