Blerd: Ha! i didnt even see you there!

My fault…i was deep into the book i was reading.

So, I thought about five different songs we could use today…at least!

Kept changing my mind.

G: It’s good to have options.

B: Oh man, you’d have had PLENTY of em.

But in the end, I narrowed it down to one song.

So, without further ado…

G: bddddddddddddddddddddd (ed. note: I believe this is supposed to simulate a drumroll.)

G: Wow, I was thinking Hall and Oates for my next one!

B: Hahahaha, suckaaaa!

G: But not this song.

By the way, this song rules.

[amazon-product text=”Buy Family Man” by Hall & Oates” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B0018QZ3MU[/amazon-product]


B: It certainly does!

G: There aren’t many songs about men resisting sexual temptation.

B: I know, right?

G: Even MJ gave in to Diana.

B: This musta been an ugly chick. Or maybe Daryl & John really were lovers. That was the big rumor when I was a kid.

G: The growling bass man, love it

They played this (and predictably all of their hits) when I saw them last year. So good.

I was just thinking today that I would totally go to see them again, even though it’s probably the same set

B: I would really like to see them live. Soon, since theyre not spring chickens.

G: We should totally find somewhere midway that they’re playing.

Kind of a cheesy, yet bizarre video.

B: Very strange video…and this is some kind of remix too

G: Yeah, probably the 12″ video mix.

Alrght, so I obviously love this song.

I don’t think I knew it was ever covered, though

B: Haha, and this is where i get you, my young friend. Because this song IS a cover.

G: Damn you, you’re going backwards. Isn’t that against the rules?


B: There ARE no rules!!


G: Oh, wow.

B: So Mike Oldfield is the guy who wrote “Tubular Bells” , the theme from The Exorcist.

G: That I knew.

B: I never heard this version until maybe 7 years ago?

That’s either his girlfriend or wife (at the time) singing vocals (ed. note: we can’t verify this.)

G: Even though it’s still in the third person, having a female vocalist on adds a whole new dimension.

B: Uh huh. Vocalist is named Maggie Reilly.

…and here’s something. Oldfield released this version mere months before H2O rerecorded it

I do agree that having a female sing the song gives it an added…creepiness?

G: Well, part of that is the delivery, I think. She has an almost childlike voice.

That totally adds a creep factor.

I can’t find anything about whether H&O had a relationship with Oldfield

B: I don’t think they did.

G: How did they manage such a quick turnaround?

B: I think Daryl just heard Mike’s version, liked it, and said “let’s record it”.

Oldfield’s album came out in May ’82, and H2O came out in…October?

G: Yep, October 4, and their version peaked at #6 on the Hot 100.

Oldfield’s didn’t dent the US charts though.

B: Nah, Oldfield is more or less a one hit wonder here in the States. This is the only other song I know of his!

G: Oh, Mr. “I’m going to school your ass.”

B: But I DID!!!

I actually think this is a case of two very very good versions, but me defaulting to the one im more familiar with.

The girl singing on the Mike Oldfield version sounds creepy, but Daryl sounds HORRIFIED.

G: I haven’t processed Oldfield’s version enough to really say it’s good or bad. Certainly a different take.

But I would also default to the blue-eyed soul Philadelphia boys on this on this one.

Possibly just because it’s the version I’m familiar with and dominates my mind, partially because I think I do actually like it better. Hall brings out the sentiment of the lyrics really well.

There’s a palpable urgency in his voice. It’s a believable delivery.

B: Right, most definitely.

G: Hall was playing flirty flirt, but now that it’s come down to gettin’ on down, he’s frantically trying to get out of the situation.

The girl in Oldfield’s version…I have no clue.

B: it sounds like she might be, i dont know, observing things as they go down? I dunno.

G: Aw snap – what if it’s the daughter of the aforementioned family?

B: Hmmmm…and she saw her dad rebuff the advances of some random chick?

G: I don’t know. I’m just trying to construct the creepy narrative.

B: So, this one seems pretty easy. Two votes for H2O?

G: Absolutely, but Oldfield gets props as the originator.

B: Are we ever gonna disagree on something?

G: As far as the cover convo, who knows? I do know that we hate certain artists that the other likes, though.

B: We do??

G: MIA, Toto…there was something else.

B: You like MIA???

(makes frowny face)

G: MIA’s last album was pretty uninteresting, but I really like her first two.

There is only one reason that I haven’t written off Toto completely. And you know exactly what that is.

Do NOT try to convert me by doing Toto at karaoke. I’m warning you now.

I’ll drop your ass on the curb! and then you can sing Toto all you want while you walk to the fucking airport!

B: *gasps*

G: Journey on the other hand….

I would entertain the Loggins/Perry duet

B: Don’t Fight It?

Shit, i dont even know the words to that song.

G: Nobody does.

B: Not even Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry?

G: They probably haven’t sung it since they recorded it.

B: OK, we went off-topic a long time ago! I gotta get my shoes on and split.

Catch ya later!

B: Peace.

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