Gonzo: Ayo!

Blerd: Sup man?…rifling through the 6 million albums i bought today.

(ok, not 6 million…it was 8)

G: I only got two – I’m waiting for the super deluxe Nirvana set. I’ve never bought a super deluxe anything!

B: Haha…I dont have super deluxe money!

G: I’ve got a super deluxe…oh, never mind.

B: So, I’ve been thinking about cover convo combos.

G: Do tell!

B: I decided I was gonna go with a new release theme, and pitch you a song by an artist who had an album come out today.

Did you know that Yanni put an album out today?

G: Oh, fuck. I already don’t like this.

B: Psych! Just yanking your chain.

G: Phew!

Yanni has a baller mustache (ed. note: I think he shaved it.)

B: I almost went with “All Apologies” for today’s cover convo.

But speaking of mustaches, you know who else has a baller ‘stache?

G: John Oates?


Granted, we’ve featured Hall & Oates in a previous cover convo, but lots of people have remade their shit, and Daryl Hall has a new album out this week.

So we’re gonna go for an H2O quickie today, and a remake you may have never heard

G: It’s a classic tune from the earlier phase of Hall and Oates’ career.

B: Their first #1 hit! Mildly shocking because of the use of the “B” word in the chorus

G: I actually can’t believe that this was ’76. Whoops-the album was 1976, but the single wasn’t issued until January 1977.

B: Much to like in that clip too, particularly Daryl’s luxurious hairdo and blue jumpsuit.

G: They were a stylin’ bunch!

It does have the smoother vibe of the era; it would be a bit longer before they got some more funk in ’em.

B: It’s definitely a smooth Philly soul type jam.

Did you know that this was covered?

G: I don’t recall any covers…

B: Well…BAM!


B: HA!!

G: 1. I had no idea

2. This kind of rules.

B: I love the fact that she kinda muffs the beginning a little.

I feel like someone gave her the sheet music one day, and she was like “just gimme a bottle of whiskey and im gonna knock this shit out”

G: And she did, goddamn!

The old school vocalists renditions of contemporary hits in the ’70s/’80s is always such a crapshoot, but I say, this one is a success story.

B: I love Nina, and I love her version of this song, but i wonder how much of it is because of how i imagine the recording session went.

G: Nina retains the basic feel of Hall and Oates’ original, but adds her own characteristic flair.

B: I dont think Nina was capable of not adding her flair to anything!

G: True, true.

B: As you know, there was also a Hall & Oates covers album released last year.

G: Oh yes, indeed, and I love it.

This whole album is very well done, in my opinion. I know some folks hated on it.

B: I liked, didnt love it. I feel like the singer sounds a little detached at times, which is cool but also kinda weird.

G: That’s kind of her schtick in general, I think. I’m a big Bird and the Bee fan.

B: I like their original stuff, and their cover of “How Deep Is Your Love” is killer.

(a lightbulb goes off in Blerd’s head.)

G: I love their quirkiness, and I think that their H&O album is completely earnest at a time where H&O are sometimes appreciated “ironically,” whatever that actually means.

B: Yeah, fuck that word! You like something or you don’t like something-simple as that.

So, one song. Three versions. What do you think?

G: I mean, this is a case where I can’t say anything is better than the original. While both covers are competent and enjoyable, the original reigns for me.

Also, the covers are very true to the original.

B: This is true…they’re not particularly wacky. The Nina Simone version has a little more bounce or funk to it, and the Bird version is more icy and electro, but they’re all good.

G: So are you with me on this one?

B: I think so…Daryl & John FTW.

I admit this wasn’t the most challenging of choices. But you needed to hear Nina Simone do “Rich Girl”.

G: I really did.

Well, that said – what’s your pick between the two covers?

B: Oh, Nina all the way.

G: I’m a little torn, given that I only heard Nina’s take for the first time tonight.

B: “Rich Girl” is a song that demands a forceful vocal.B&B’s version is a little twee.

G: Fair point. I think I’m going to have to go with B&B though, partially because it’s more familiar, and partially because I dig the electro vibe.

So we agree and disagree.

B: Sweet!! You and I butt heads! It’s unprecedented!

G: You’re a butthead.


G: Well, look at it this way. That makes me Beavis!

B: OK, that does make me feel a little better.

Wow-so that was the Cover Convo!

G: I’m glad that there’s at least one more Hall and Oates convo to be had!

B: Hell, i can already think of a fourth. But you’ve got dibs on the next one…so don’t come wack!

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