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Blerd Radio Presents The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 10)

Blerd Radio Presents The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 10)

1982 was the year of Marvin and “Sexual Healing”, but as you’ll hear in the latest JCC podcast episode, his former label mates Diana and Stevie didn’t do so bad, either.

The Top 20 Prince Songs (Written/Composed for Others) of All Time (Part 1)

The Top 20 Prince Songs (Written/Composed for Others) of All Time (Part 1)

Prince Rogers Nelson-one hell of a songwriter, as evidenced by this list of the Purple One’s top 20 songs (written/produced for others.)

Flyte Brothers XXVIII: Morris Day's "Fishnet"

Flyte Brothers XXVIII: Morris Day’s “Fishnet”

The Time reunites (kinda?) for a Morris Day #1 smash.

Spin Cycle: The Original 7ven’s “Condensate”

“I never had as much fun as I had with the original seven… and it ain’t over yet,” Morris Day says wistfully on the spoken intro to his old band’s comeback record, Condensate. Morris Day and The Time – here renamed The Original 7ven because, well, mentor Prince’s copyright-related peccadilloes have gotten the better of him in recent years – may not have released an album together in 21 years, but you wouldn’t know that from listening to Condensate. Not only […]

The Viewfinder: The Original 7ven’s “#Trendin'”

I know what you’re saying. Didn’t you guys just post the audio of the new song by The Band Formerly Known as The Time just a couple of days ago? We sure did. However, we had no idea that the video clip was gonna arrive just a few days later. Lo and behold, Morris and co. have dropped the visuals on it while the irons for the audio are still hot. I wasn’t so sure I dug “#Trendin’” at first, […]

The Singles Bar: The Original 7ven’s “#Trendin”

This is a test, I’m not supposed to like this right? It has been over 21 years since The Time released their last studio album, but they are set to return with the October 18th release of “Condensate”. But, you say, this single and the album artwork is credited to something called The Original 7ven. Is that a clever way of saying and spelling ‘Seven’ or do you pronounce it ‘Sevenven’? These are the things that keep me up at […]

Blerd’s Notes: A Guide to the Music of Prince: The Side Projects

Besides being an overall bad-ass, another thing Prince is well-known for is his stable of side projects.The desire to be known as a developer of talent in addition to being known as a talent himself ran strong in the little guy, and Prince started spitting out proteges almost as soon as he became a hit artist. Some of the artists went on to create great music (if not have lengthy careers), while other artists came and went in the blink […]

Blerd Briefs: Ja Rule, The Time & Bob Marley

Ja Rule was recently sentenced to two years in prison following a conviction on weapons charges. He cut a deal with prosecutors-he would have received a four-year bid had he not plead down. “Minor setback for a major comeback” is what Ja tweeted after his sentence hit the news. Following the sentencing, Ja engaged his former rival 50 Cent in a war of words. It’s the most press Ja Rule has gotten in ages, and if he has a “major […]

America, Have You Heard?? The Time is Back!!

Those of you who watched the Prince tribute on the BET Awards last night would not be wrong for wondering what happened to his many proteges. To that, I ask one question: WHAT TIME IS IT??? As my man Jason Mewes would say (OK, he’s not really my man), “Morris Day and the Motherfuckin’ Time” are back and preparing a new album for release this year. All of the original members are along for the ride, including super-producas Jimmy Jam […]