Ja Rule was recently sentenced to two years in prison following a conviction on weapons charges. He cut a deal with prosecutors-he would have received a four-year bid had he not plead down. “Minor setback for a major comeback” is what Ja tweeted after his sentence hit the news. Following the sentencing, Ja engaged his former rival 50 Cent in a war of words. It’s the most press Ja Rule has gotten in ages, and if he has a “major comeback” in mind, he’s got a long road to hoe. His last album of new material, 2004’s “R.U.LE.” only sold 600,000 copies, and a compilation the next year barely moved 150,000. Besides, Ja’s gonna be gone for two years. I don’t think anyone’s returned from a bid that long with their career intact.

Is this reunion of The Time ever gonna happen? The Minneapolis funk legends continue to string us along. At the recent Grammy nominations ceremony, Jimmy Jam mentioned that the alleged reunion album (I’m calling it alleged until I have it in my hands) was finished and would be coming out in 2011. I don’t wanna call shenanigans, but we’ve heard this before. Could y’all hurry up, please? I’d like to see you guys in concert before you reach retirement age. Or I reach retirement age. I want to be able to dance at one of your shows without breaking a hip!

Speaking of Prince proteges reuniting, weren’t The Family getting back together as well? What happened to that?

Finally, if you want proof that the gravy train doesn’t stop rolling long after you’re in the ground-a 2 CD set containing Bob Marley‘s last recorded performance will be released next year. Coming close to the thirtieth anniversary of the reggae titan’s passing, Live Forever hits stores and digital outlets on February 1st. The 20-track collection is culled from a show at The Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, PA from September 1980. Marley passed away from cancer-related complications just eight months later. I’m a little curious to know why this isn’t being released on DVD, and I also find it strange that there’s next to no live video footage of Bob Marley on You Tube. Something tells me that there’ll be a DVD package coming out soon, as the milestone anniversary of his death approacheshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtgP0EQmWVk.

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