This is a test, I’m not supposed to like this right? It has been over 21 years since The Time released their last studio album, but they are set to return with the October 18th release of “Condensate”. But, you say, this single and the album artwork is credited to something called The Original 7ven. Is that a clever way of saying and spelling ‘Seven’ or do you pronounce it ‘Sevenven’? These are the things that keep me up at night.

However you want to pronounce it, check the fine print under their new name and you’ll see ‘The Band Formerly Known As The Time’. Now that IS a clever way of getting a shot in at Prince, who in a bit of a dick move, refused permission for the band to use their original name since he owns it and was not in any way involved with this album. Ask The Family…err…. excuse me, FDeluxe about that whole situation. I hope Madhouse or Vanity 6 aren’t planning any reunion albums anytime soon.

Yes Morris Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir and Jerome Benton are back together again, and what we have here is the lead single from “Condensate”. So as I asked above, I’m not supposed to like this, right? First, you have the incredibly tacky concept of building a song around Twitter. It’s called “#Trendin” for God’s sake! Hashtag and all! Then you have Morris shouting out to his “Tweetiepies” posting in their blogs and calling for you to “Tweet it up y’all”. Those are some fairly cringe worthy lyrics. This is akin to someone basing a song around MySpace five years ago.

Basically this song is one Twitter and online reference after another, all catered to Morris Day’s proclivity to brag about himself at every opportunity. All his old standby’s are here. How cool he is. How sexy he is. Even a reference to “the 12 Inch and I don’t mean the record”. At this point you’re starting to side with Prince’s refusal to lend The Time name to this project. Like the old Chris Rock routine, Im not saying he is right… but I understand.

The song is synth heavy, there is barely any of Jesse Johnson’s guitar on it, or Jellybean on real drums for that matter. Yet, despite the corny, sure to be dated in no time subject matter, the damned thing is catchy! The chorus especially, as repetitive as it is, has been stuck in my head since I first heard a snippet, and even more so now that the whole song is available. I’m a sucker for a good piece of musical cheese, and that is exactly what “#Trendin” is. Cheesy, corny, dated, yet catchy as hell. Is it a good sign for the album that this is what they chose for the first single? I’ll just say I hope there is stronger material than this on “Condensate”, and I trust with the incredible talent that makes up The Original 7ven, there will be.

01 #Trendin by metrousmusic

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