I know what you’re saying. Didn’t you guys just post the audio of the new song by The Band Formerly Known as The Time just a couple of days ago? We sure did. However, we had no idea that the video clip was gonna arrive just a few days later.

Lo and behold, Morris and co. have dropped the visuals on it while the irons for the audio are still hot. I wasn’t so sure I dug “#Trendin'” at first, but man, it’s kinda grown on me. Catchy as all hell, for sure. Video-wise, Morris is going to be preening in front of a mirror held by Jerome Benton until he’s ninety. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before from the band or from a video, which is pretty much a straight-up performance clip. Last time we caught a video from The Time, it was 1990, and the band members do look older (and there’s some definite middle-aged spread happening), but it’s still nice to see and hear them playing and performing together. I’m excited for the band’s upcoming album, Condensate.

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