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Five January Releases That I'm Looking Forward To

Five January Releases That I’m Looking Forward To

Ne-Yo is one of several big-name artists dropping new albums in January. Check out my thoughts on this and four other upcoming releases I’m looking forward to.

What Would You Say...To A Reissue Of Under The Table And Dreaming?

What Would You Say…To A Reissue Of Under The Table And Dreaming?

“Under The Table & Dreaming” is being reissued for its 20th anniversary. Oh, they were so angry then…

The Wait Is Over...Prince Announces The Release Of Two New Albums

The Wait Is Over…Prince Announces The Release Of Two New Albums

Two new albums are forthcoming from the Purple Yoda. Now, about that “Purple Rain” anniversary release…

Yesterday, Today & Forever: "Motown 25" FINALLY Comes To DVD

Yesterday, Today & Forever: “Motown 25″ FINALLY Comes To DVD

Marvin Gaye was one of the many electrifying performers on the “Motown 25″ special, which is finally making its way to DVD.

"Long Night" Teases New Guster Album, Which You Can Support Via PledgeMusic

“Long Night” Teases New Guster Album, Which You Can Support Via PledgeMusic

No animals were harmed during the making of Guster’s new album–which you can support via PledgeMusic.

When's Everyone Gonna Discover Kimbra?

When’s Everyone Gonna Discover Kimbra?

If you’re not hip to Kimbra’s work (independent of that damn Gotye song) yet, you need to familiarize yourself.

Kenna, "Relations": The Singles Bar Review

Kenna, “Relations”: The Singles Bar Review

“Relations (An Ode To You & Me)”, the latest single off the highly anticipated next chapter of Kenna’s Land 2 Air Chronicles EP series sounds exactly like the description on the Soundcloud page: David Byrne meets Rick James! It’s a low-key little funk blast that sees Kenna doing his best Talking Heads/Byrne impression and succeeding. If this is an indication of the direction the next EP is going in then expect more ’80’s-inspired jams like this instead of the sonic […]

Lady Gaga, "Applause" - The Singles Bar review

Lady Gaga, “Applause” – The Singles Bar review

What, Lady Gaga getting naked in a promotional video for some new agey mind and body exercise wasn’t enough for you? FINE. Here’s here new single, rushed to radio following a rash of leaks over the weekend. “Applause” is the first single from Gaga’s forthcoming ARTPOP album, due November 11th. “Applause” is unfortunately more of the same from Gaga, and could just as easily be a leftover from 2011’s enjoyable but tepid Born This Way. Like that LP, “Applause” is a competent but fairly by-the-numbers dance […]

Metal Monday Volume 135 (8.12.13)

Metal Monday Volume 135 (8.12.13)

If the first offering off Pelican’s upcoming Forever Becoming (Due October 15th on Southern Lord) wasn’t to your liking then you might wanna dust off the turntable for the just released Deny The Absolute 7″ from The Mylene Sheath. Featuring the title track (Which will be the second track on FB) and non-album track “The Truce”, this is probably the easiest decision you’ll make all year on a vinyl purchase. First up is “Deny The Absolute” which is easily the […]

Deathpoint, "Sinister": The Singles Bar Review

Deathpoint, “Sinister”: The Singles Bar Review

With riffage as technically proficient as Fear Factory and a melodic tone in the vein of Flaw, Canadian heavies Deathpoint is an amalgamation of extremes. With former Odium vocalist Tom Emmans now in tow for their forthcoming album, Deathpoint release the title track “Sinister” and show how much they’re continually growing. Emmans, especially, is a force behind the mic with a range that borders on death metal growls at times growing to a Maynard James Keenan-style croon and is easily […]

A First Peek at Muppets Most Wanted

A First Peek at Muppets Most Wanted

Following the Muppets’ return to the big screen in 2011, the gang is setting out for another cinematic adventure. This one appears to have some international intrigue, and features headliners Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Ty Burrell. 2011’s The Muppets brought the ragtag puppet troupe to a new generation; will Muppets Most Wanted maintain that momentum? Disney released a teaser today – let us know what you think! Muppets Most Wanted will be in theaters March 21, 2014. Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Trailer on Disney Video

Vista Chino, "Barcelonian": The Singles Bar Review

Vista Chino, “Barcelonian”: The Singles Bar Review

Given the recent legal issues between the band that is now known as Vista Chino and Josh Homme, is it an insult to describe VC’s latest song, “Barcelonian”,  off their upcoming Peace album as sounding like Queens of the Stone Age? Because it does. It’s that pure QOTSA that shared a split with Kyuss before their debut full-length. Comparisons aside, though, it’s awesome. Bruno Fevery definitely holds his own and it’s nice to see the young guitarist really let loose […]