380539-48956_250x250If the first offering off Pelican’s upcoming Forever Becoming (Due October 15th on Southern Lord) wasn’t to your liking then you might wanna dust off the turntable for the just released Deny The Absolute 7″ from The Mylene Sheath. Featuring the title track (Which will be the second track on FB) and non-album track “The Truce”, this is probably the easiest decision you’ll make all year on a vinyl purchase.

First up is “Deny The Absolute” which is easily the heaviest (and fastest) track Pelican has recorded in a long while. Drummer Larry Herweg is ferocious and leads the charge until Dallas Thomas and Trevor de Brauw enter with some Megaladon-sized riffs. It’s even a rather short one by Pelican standards (Five and a half minutes!) yet still retains all the bad assery, twists, turns, and time changes that make Pelican songs and albums so appealing

The second track, “The Truce”, is a more subdued number and mostly acoustic but gives off the atmosphere of Australasia overall with bassist Bryan Herweg laying down a sinister low end.


Deny The Absolute is out now through The Mylene Sheath. Copies are available in various versions (Might I recommend the combo pack with Aeges “Southern Comfort” if it’s still available?) right here. Forever Becoming will be released on October 15th through Southern Lord.

Grade: A+



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