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Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 7: St. Patty's Potpourri

Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 7: St. Patty’s Potpourri

The latest episode of Blerd Radio co-stars’s Bill Bodkin and an assortment of pop culture topics.

It Wouldn't Be "A Bad Thing" If Timberlake Scored With This Song

It Wouldn’t Be “A Bad Thing” If Timberlake Scored With This Song

JT brings “20/20″‘s best jam to The Tonight Show.

The Viewfinder: Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Mariah Spread Christmas Cheer

The Viewfinder: Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Mariah Spread Christmas Cheer

Mariah Carey’s holiday chestnut “All I Want For Christmas Is You” gets a holiday tune-up, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and some adorable kids.

Spin Cycle: Jimmy Fallon, Blow Your Pants Off

Spin Cycle: Jimmy Fallon, Blow Your Pants Off

Late night host and musical comedian Jimmy Fallon’s second record, Blow Your Pants Off, collects memorable musical moments from his show. Check out our review to see how many laughs you’ll get from it.

WTFF: Stephen Colbert (and Friends) Tackle “Friday” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

Prior to composing this post, I’d never heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday”-something I was totally cool with. After hearing it tackled on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, I never want to hear Black’s version, because there is simply no way that this version can be topped. Featuring Stephen Colbert, The Roots, Fallon himself, Taylor Hicks (still my favorite “American Idol” winner) and The New York Knick City Dancers, this is an awesome clusterfuck of epic proportions. You’ve got to give it […]

Blerd Appreciation: Bell Biv DeVoe (Word to Jimmy Fallon)

New Edition was the first (and really only) group of black American kids making music in the public spotlight during the early and mid-Eighties. I spun my “Is This the End” and “Popcorn Love” 45s like they were going out of style and looked up to Ronie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike and Ralph like big brothers. By the time I was a teenager, although I was still a huge N.E. fan (Heart Break is an amazingly underrated album from the New […]

The Boss Rocks Late Night TV

As someone who grew up within spitting distance from New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen’s long loomed large in my musical psyche. I’m not as gaga over the guy as many others are, but he’s a masterful songwriter and an unbelievable live performer. What impresses me more than anything is that even forty years into his career, at 61 years of age, the man performs like he has something to prove. When you’ve been doing the same thing for so long-even if […]

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake & the Roots Give You a Hip-Hop History Lesson

The Roots’ turn as the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show has become one of the few worthwhile reasons for me to miss my bedtime. Having one of the most talented, versatile bands in all of music has resulted in some of the most creative and spirited musical moments in late-night television history. Last night, Justin Timberlake appeared on the show to promote his new movie, “The Social Network”, and during his appearance, he, Fallon and The […]

A Quick 2010 Emmy Recap

I honestly don’t watch very much TV, so I must admit that the Emmy Awards hold only a minimum amount of appeal to me. However, I was interested enough that I managed to plug into a live feed for the first hour and change and got to see some very deserving performers win awards, including “Modern Family”‘s Eric Stonestreet (Best Supporting Actor, Comedy), “Glee”‘s Jane Lynch (Best Supporting Actress, Comedy) and “Big Bang Theory”‘s Jim Parsons (Best Actor, Comedy). I […]

Liquid Liquid Lives on Late Night!!

I was on Twitter at some point last week and remembered ?uestlove of The Roots posting something that sounded like he was trying to say Liquid Liquid was gonna be on the Jimmy Fallon show. I was sort of half paying attention, and just kinda put it aside. “Couldn’t be,” I thought. “They must have broken up years ago”. Lo and behold, I’m surfing the internets and there’s Liquid Liquid performing “Cavern” on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk fest with […]

Tuesday Night Fever!!!

…and today’s Thursday. Oh well… I think out of the late night talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon’s done the best job of providing “musical moments” as of late. Jimmy’s a huge music fan and he even released an album back in the day (I must admit, I loved “Idiot Boyfriend”). Tuesday night, he had Robin and Barry Gibb (the surviving Bee Gees) on his show, which was notable for two reasons. One, because Robin and Barry had a pretty heavy […]