…and today’s Thursday. Oh well…

I think out of the late night talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon’s done the best job of providing “musical moments” as of late. Jimmy’s a huge music fan and he even released an album back in the day (I must admit, I loved “Idiot Boyfriend”).

Tuesday night, he had Robin and Barry Gibb (the surviving Bee Gees) on his show, which was notable for two reasons. One, because Robin and Barry had a pretty heavy falling out after their brother Maurice died in 2003, and two, because Jimmy Fallon has gotten some notice for spoofing Barry Gibb on “Saturday Night Live”.

The interview is cool-Robin and Maurice are loose and funny, Fallon is obviously thrilled to have them on his show, and the brothers and Fallon harmonize on a short version of “Nights on Broadway”-Barry can still hit those high notes-pretty damn impressive.

This clip (after the jump) hopefully will introduce a new generation to the Brothers Gibb (they’re releasing another box set??) and remind us older folks how legendary these guys were. I wish they would have done a full song with The Roots backing them up, though.

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