Prior to composing this post, I’d never heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday”-something I was totally cool with. After hearing it tackled on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, I never want to hear Black’s version, because there is simply no way that this version can be topped.

Featuring Stephen Colbert, The Roots, Fallon himself, Taylor Hicks (still my favorite “American Idol” winner) and The New York Knick City Dancers, this is an awesome clusterfuck of epic proportions. You’ve got to give it to Fallon for consistently giving us great musical moments like no one on late night TV has done since the days of Arsenio, you’ve got to give it to the Roots crew for going with the joke and consistently proving that hip-hop has a sense of humor, and you’ve got to give it to Colbert for perfecting the deadpan comedy moment. Awesome, awesome stuff. And the performance was for charity!!

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