I was on Twitter at some point last week and remembered ?uestlove of The Roots posting something that sounded like he was trying to say Liquid Liquid was gonna be on the Jimmy Fallon show. I was sort of half paying attention, and just kinda put it aside. “Couldn’t be,” I thought. “They must have broken up years ago”.

Lo and behold, I’m surfing the internets and there’s Liquid Liquid performing “Cavern” on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk fest with The Roots. I was not only impressed that these guys were still together (according to Wikipedia, they reformed in 2008 after taking a twenty-five year sabbatical), but that they were still jammin’. Of course, if you’ve been reading, you’re aware that “Cavern” was selected as the #34 disco song of all time in my last Disco 100 post.

Anyway, this is a cool performance. I’m sure ?uestlove was pissing himself with happiness. Hell, I’m sure he’s the one that suggested them as a musical guest!

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