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D'Angelo and ?uestlove Try a "New Position"

D’Angelo and ?uestlove Try a “New Position”

If the upcoming D’angelo comeback is as good as this…

The Roots Announce 2013 Picnic Lineup, New Album(s)??

The Roots Announce 2013 Picnic Lineup, New Album(s)??

Two new albums and the Roots Picnic lineup announced. Do these guys ever take a break?

Bill Cosby? Meet The Roots (Plus, a "Cosby Show" Update)

Bill Cosby? Meet The Roots (Plus, a “Cosby Show” Update)

Bill Cosby’s appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” is certainly on the odd side. Plus, Vanessa Huxtable returns to TV.

The Viewfinder: Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Mariah Spread Christmas Cheer

The Viewfinder: Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & Mariah Spread Christmas Cheer

Mariah Carey’s holiday chestnut “All I Want For Christmas Is You” gets a holiday tune-up, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and some adorable kids.

Discography Fever!: The Roots (Part One)

Discography Fever!: The Roots (Part One)

We’re taking a look at the Roots’ catalog-here’s Part One!

Spin Cycle: Betty Wright & The Roots' "Betty Wright: The Movie"

Spin Cycle: Betty Wright & The Roots’ “Betty Wright: The Movie”

Ms. Betty Wright and the legendary Roots crew have joined forces for a soul triumph. Check out our review.

The Singles Bar: “Make My” by The Roots

A concept album about a good person who becomes a criminal. Sounds like a prog-rock or Prince Paul thing, right? Well, in this case it’s the story behind Undun, the new album by legendary hip-hop band The Roots. Due in December, it’s being preceded by first single “Make My”, which features rapper Big K.R.I.T. Seriously, The Roots are the only act I can think of (besides maybe Kanye or…Radiohead, maybe) who could potentially come at me straight-faced with a concept […]

Blerd Briefs: New Albums from Feist & The Roots! (Not Together…)

Within the past month, I’d inquired as to the whereabouts of Canadian chanteuse Feist. Last we’d heard from the singer/songwriter, her breakthrough album, The Reminder, was all the rage with the Triple-A set, and it’s signature song “1,2,3,4” was appearing in some commercial or other every seven minutes. Well, after taking a couple years off to chill, Feist is back. Her third studio album, Metals, is set for an October 4th release. The singer has also announced a tour that […]

Blerd Briefs: A De La/Roots Collabo? Doughty Goes Underground, Van Hunt is Back & Who Shot ‘Pac?

As I was trolling Twitter last night, I think I saw ?uestlove make an offer to De La Soul’s Posdnous…the offer to produce De La Soul’s next album. A De La/Roots collaboration? I’m surprised the whole internet didn’t get sprayed by the jizz that flew out of me when I thought of the possibility of something as momentous actually happening. What do you think the chances are of it really coming to fruition? On to other news: Mike Doughty has […]

Hear Here: Dice Raw’s “1995”

Dice Raw’s 2011 got off to a rocky start when his car was totaled back in January . Since then, he’s recovered, finished up his first solo album in over 10 years and been all over Twitter . Strangely, he hasn’t gotten the digital Questlove bump. Though, that will likely be changing soon. Born Karl Jenkins, the Philly based rapper and close associate of The Roots spent muchof the last ten years gathering Grammy nods most recently for How I Got Over with TheRoots.  Curiously, the new album, […]

Into the Mind of Genius: Stevie Wonder’s Little-Seen Documentary

This might be the YouTube find to end all YouTube finds. A documentary that aired on BBC TV in 1981, starring the one and only Stevie Wonder-only the greatest living songwriter of modern times. It’s 55 minutes well spent-you get to see Stevie the technological innovator, Stevie the comedian, Stevie the flirt, Stevie the politician, Stevie the orator (watch as he touchingly announces John Lennon’s murder to the audience at a show-it’s heartbreaking) and of course, Stevie the musician. This […]

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake & the Roots Give You a Hip-Hop History Lesson

The Roots’ turn as the house band on Jimmy Fallon’s late night TV show has become one of the few worthwhile reasons for me to miss my bedtime. Having one of the most talented, versatile bands in all of music has resulted in some of the most creative and spirited musical moments in late-night television history. Last night, Justin Timberlake appeared on the show to promote his new movie, “The Social Network”, and during his appearance, he, Fallon and The […]