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Beyonce & Andre 3000 Cover Amy Winehouse; Amy Rolls Over in Her Grave

Beyonce & Andre 3000 Cover Amy Winehouse; Amy Rolls Over in Her Grave

Beyonce and Andre 3000 cover Amy Winehouse. The result? Well, just listen.

The Singles Bar: T.I. featuring Andre 3000, "Sorry"

The Singles Bar: T.I. featuring Andre 3000, “Sorry”

T.I. sets up his upcoming album with a new single, “Sorry,” but fellow Atlanta rapper Andre 3000 comes in and steals the show.

Spin Cycle: Frank Ocean: channel ORANGE

Spin Cycle: Frank Ocean: channel ORANGE

Minus all the hype, does Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” reveal itself as a good album? Find out by reading our review!

The Singles Bar: Gorillaz (feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy)’s “DoYaThing”

This collaboration between genre-hopping anime band Gorillaz and fellow spaced-out geniuses Andre 3000 (better known as the guy from Outkast wearing all that purple) and James Murphy (better known as now-defunct LCD Soundsystem’s main maestro and treasurer of the Justin Vernon Foundation For Frontmen Who Do NOT Share A Name With Their Band) has been gabbed about for several weeks now. No, this isn’t indicative of a full-scale album-length collaboration–although if it were, I’d stop waking up in the middle […]

Spin Cycle: Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV”

Rapper Lil’ Wayne once said, via an album title, I Am Not A Human Being. Listening to his new album, Tha Carter IV, it’s not difficult to see where Wayne was coming from – it’s not difficult to envision the rapper being dropped from a UFO into someone’s Hollywood backyard on a quiet, chilly night. The objective? To ruin hip-hop by turning it into an exaggerated version of its worst stereotypes, to behave in a deliberately bizarre fashion to court […]

bLISTerd: Happy Birthday, MTV!: The Top 10 Videos of the ’00s

Missy Elliott works it, Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse try on funny mustaches, and Fiddy parties like it’s yo’ berf day (AKA #20-#11) here . 10. Here it Goes Again | OK Go (2006) It all started with some treadmills. Add in a synchronized choreography routine (not very easy to do on treadmills, mind you) and a C-list power-pop band turns into those guys! Do you think the members of OK Go are pissed because they’ve turned into something of a […]

Blerd Radio Episode 8: MTV in Middle Age

Welcome to yet another episode of Blerd Radio! In this episode, your hosts Mike & Jesse pay tribute to a cultural phenomenon by acknowledging the thirtieth (!) anniversary of MTV. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the advent of Music Television changed the industry as well as pop culture. Over the course of this episode, we discuss our favorite classic videos, shout out some iconic VJs, and bemoan the constant “16 & Pregnant” marathon the […]

Spin Cycle Plus: Beyonce’s “4”

Beyonce’s 4 has been quite the subject of discussion over at Popblerd HQ. With so many opinions about the pop star’s work and the controversy surrounding the album (after several songs from the album underperformed and the entire set leaked about a month before release, it was rumored that Beyonce’s record company asked her to go back into the studio and retool the album. These rumors have been categorically denied all around), it was only right that we gave you […]

The Top 40 Emcees of All Time: #8 & #7

Kool G. Rap and Nas finished 10 and 9. Who’s next up on the list? 8. Andre 3000 Representing: Atlanta It took a long time before I was able to appreciate OutKast. Not to say I was a purist, but…well, I was a purist. No one from outside New York was as good as artists from New York. Shit, prior to OutKast, rap from the SouthEast was booty music a la Luke. ┬áTo this day, I don’t think Southernplayalisticadillacmusic is […]

Moonlighting: My Big Boi Review on Popdose

I must admit, I was very surprised by the quality of Big Boi’s debut album “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty”. Like many people, my brain sort of fooled me into thinking that Andre 3000 was the brains behind OutKast and Big was just kinda the John Oates of the operation. Boy, was I ever wrong. “Leftfoot” is a non-stop funky good time. The production is slamming, Big’s verses are tight, and it’s not overindulgent like even the […]

New Release Report 7/6/10: Big Boi is Finally Set Free

Remember when there was the big hubbub about Big Boi’s “Something’s Gotta Give” video? It was pretty much a 4-minute campaign ad for Barack Obama, and despite the fact that the song was kinda “eh”, folks were hopeful that Big’s debut solo album was gonna bring the goods-especially after OutKast’s somewhat odd “Idlewild” soundtrack. Well, that Big Boi album-“Sir Lucious Leftfoot-The Son of Chico Dusty”-is finally arriving…damn near halfway into President Obama’s first term. Leaks and label drama have derailed […]

Popblerd Premiere: Big Boi's "Shutterbugg"

OutKast is the rare hip-hop group that’s totally followed their own drummer while maintaining or increasing their popularity. While I’ve been patiently waiting for Big Boi and Andre 3000 to reconnect, we’ve been given several morsels from Big Boi’s forever upcoming solo debut “Sir Luscious Leftfoot”. Silly-ass title aside, this album has been in the works for two years plus, and now that Big has aligned himself with Def Jam (I guess Arista was fuckin’ up), it looks like all […]