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In this episode, your hosts Mike & Jesse pay tribute to a cultural phenomenon by acknowledging the thirtieth (!) anniversary of MTV. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the advent of Music Television changed the industry as well as pop culture. Over the course of this episode, we discuss our favorite classic videos, shout out some iconic VJs, and bemoan the constant “16 & Pregnant” marathon the once-beloved cable network has become.

In addition to our MTV conversation, make sure you listen in for our usual sidebars and news roundups. Topics discussed this week include the death of Sherwood Schwartz (and our repeated attempts to say the nae “Sherwood Schwartz”, Mike’s hatred of Colbie Caillat, the new Bob Mould book, the return of OutKast, our thoughts on “Transformers 3”, and we’re also paid a visit by singer/songwriter Munk Ciano. He takes a few minutes to talk about his latest project, The Radio Says, discusses his songwriting motivations, and joins in to our MTV conversation by bringing up a U2 video that neither Mike nor Jesse has seen before!

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Podcast 8

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