Big Boi from OutKast is releasing his first solo album today!

Remember when there was the big hubbub about Big Boi’s “Something’s Gotta Give” video? It was pretty much a 4-minute campaign ad for Barack Obama, and despite the fact that the song was kinda “eh”, folks were hopeful that Big’s debut solo album was gonna bring the goods-especially after OutKast’s somewhat odd “Idlewild” soundtrack.

Well, that Big Boi album-“Sir Lucious Leftfoot-The Son of Chico Dusty”-is finally arriving…damn near halfway into President Obama’s first term. Leaks and label drama have derailed Big’s solo project for a ridiculous amount of time (TWO YEARS!!). While I’d much rather be hearing an Andre 3000 solo album (and if the rumors are true about Arista not allowing Three Stacks to appear in a vocal role on Big’s album, then that’s some BULL), “Leftfoot”‘s current single “Shutterbugg” leads me to believe that Big Boi’s album will actually turn out to be a pretty quality affair. Maybe it’ll light a fire under 3000’s ass and he’ll return to the studio at some point. A man can hope, right?

The rest of this week’s release schedule is a pretty mixed-up affair. International star Enrique Iglesias is looking to make a comeback on American shores with his new album “Euphoria”. It’s his first album to feature new material in English and Spanish, and it’s first single is being tied in with the uber-popular “Jersey Shore” show on MTV. Time will tell if that synergistic move results in a resuscitation of the Latin crooner’s career.

Also looking for career resuscitation-Kelis and Kylie Minogue. The former diva has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons (namely an alimony and child support battle with her ex-husband Nas), but her new album “Flesh Tone” aims to put the focus back on her as a singer. Kelis has always been a bit of an oddball in terms of R&B, and this album finds her making a more concentrated effort to make waves in the land of electronica/dance. Of course, electronica/dance-pop has been Kylie’s stock in trade since Kelis was in diapers. She’s a worldwide icon who just hasn’t been able to sustain success in America (think of her as the now-era version of Cliff Richard). I doubt her new “Aphrodite” will blow her up to “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” levels again, but there’s nothing wrong with preaching to the choir when you have a choir as loyal as Kylie’s fanbase.

…and how come I didn’t realize until last night how well “Can’t Get…” synchs up with New Order’s “Blue Monday”? Egads!!

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