OutKast is the rare hip-hop group that’s totally followed their own drummer while maintaining or increasing their popularity. While I’ve been patiently waiting for Big Boi and Andre 3000 to reconnect, we’ve been given several morsels from Big Boi’s forever upcoming solo debut “Sir Luscious Leftfoot”. Silly-ass title aside, this album has been in the works for two years plus, and now that Big has aligned himself with Def Jam (I guess Arista was fuckin’ up), it looks like all systems are finally a go for the album to be released.

Earlier this week, “Shutterbugg” made it’s way onto airwaves and the internets. This song is good enough to increase my interest in Big Boi’s album. It’s not altogether foreign to something you’d hear on the radio these days, but Big Boi manages to give the song it’s own special unique vibe. Big’s always been an underrated emcee, and the electro groove of the song gives me fond recollections of Eighties funk in the vein of Zapp (although I suppose the vocoder helps with that too). Check out the track for yourself.

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