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Discovery: The New Royales

Discovery: The New Royales

Free music–need I say more?

Popblerd's New Release Report 11/5/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 11/5/13

Slim Shady sits at the head of this week’s new release table.

Reverend Mothers Bring Rock Back With Acolyte's Revival EP

Reverend Mothers Bring Rock Back With Acolyte’s Revival EP

Rock & roll ain’t dead. Actually, it might be living in Boston.

The Singles Bar: Tears for Fears, "Ready to Start"

The Singles Bar: Tears for Fears, “Ready to Start”

New Wave legends Tears for Fears surprised fans with their first new recording in nine years: a cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start.” It might be crazy to call a band with 16 U.K. Top 40 hits “underrated,” but Tears for Fears – to this writer – have only seemed to earn the respect they truly deserve in recent times. In the last decade, Gary Jules and Michael Andrews had a U.K. chart-topper with a mournful cover of the band’s “ Mad World ,” [...]

David Mead: Still The "Poster Child" For Great Music

David Mead: Still The “Poster Child” For Great Music

Ah…nice to hear from David Mead again, isn’t it?

It's Not Summer Unless There's a New Jack Johnson Record...

It’s Not Summer Unless There’s a New Jack Johnson Record…

Despite the fact that it’s kinda grey and crummy on the East Coast as I write this, Jack Johnson’s music immediately makes me picture sunshine, cookouts, beaches and the welcome smell of that sticky-icky wafting through the air. The Hawaiian singer/songwriter/surfer doesn’t disappoint on his latest track, “I Got You.” No, the song doesn’t sound much different from the rest of Jack Johnson’s oeuvre, but come on, how can you hate on music that makes you feel so mellow? It’s [...]

"The Last Ship" Has Sailed: Sting Announces First New Album in a Decade

“The Last Ship” Has Sailed: Sting Announces First New Album in a Decade

Prepare to be Stung…again.

Start Spreading the News: Julian Velard Plans New York-Based Concept LP

Start Spreading the News: Julian Velard Plans New York-Based Concept LP

When last we heard from Julian Velard, one of the best and most underrated singer-songwriters in the pop game, he’d dashed off a quick but captivating EP, Person of Interest , last fall. Since then, he’s kept a low profile, popping up as musical entertainment on a few NPR shows here and there and performing with fellow singer-songwriter Ari Hest as part of the soft-rock cover act The Jewbadours . The silence finally ends this month, with a forthcoming album out this year and a [...]

Popblerd's New Release Report 5/21/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 5/21/13


Popblerd's New Release Report 5/14/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 5/14/13

Vampire Weekend’s return is the highlight of this new release Tuesday.

Who Said They're "Wack"? The Lonely Island Plan New Album

Who Said They’re “Wack”? The Lonely Island Plan New Album

Blame the incredibly long shadow of “Weird Al” Yankovic or the crop of so many dime-a-dozen parodists dropping quickly-crafted goofs on YouTube, but it always feels that The Lonely Island are criminally underrated. Sure, the trio of writer/actors Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccome and Akiva Schaeffer have earned plenty of acclaim for their daffy song satire, thanks to their beloved Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live , where Samberg acted and Taccome wrote for several years. Some of these clips, including the ’90s R&B pastiche “ Dick in a Box ” [...]

Popblerd's New Release Report 5/7/2013

Popblerd’s New Release Report 5/7/2013

Brooklyn stand up! Your own Talib Kweli has a new album out today. He’s far from the only one, too! Check out the highlights of this bountiful new release Tuesday!