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Singer/songwriter David Mead is one of pop music’s most undervalued talents. I discovered him more recently than I’d like to admit (hey, a music geek’s ego is fragile,) and have been waiting for new music from him for quite a while.

Since the release of Dudes in late 2011, David has undergone quite the priority shift. Most of that is due to the birth of his first child (which I’m certain causes re-prioritization in most people.) Apparently, he’s also pretty deep into a home renovation project as well. However, he has not stopped recording music, and he thankfully blessed us with a new track, “Poster Child,” earlier this week.

David has no plans (apparently) to release an album or go on tour (probably a good idea on the latter, as he has a toddler at home) so we’ll have to make do with “Poster Child” for now. Hopefully there’s more like that to come. You can check it out on David’s blog.

As a bonus, here’s the title track from Dudes.

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