Harden Soul

James Harden and Steph Curry are two of the brightest young NBA stars. James Harden was a one man wrecking crew in Houston last year and for his hard work, Darryl Morey hand-delivered Dwight Howard to him. Steph Curry had an amazing playoff run; so amazing that I documented his first round series against the Denver and compared it to the greatest Warriors moments I’ve ever seen.

Footlocker released a commercial featuring Steph and James in a recording studio. James is recording a love song while Steph is trying to stop him from doing something foolish. James needs to keep his career fresh while Steph is trying to get him to go to Footlocker. When they hit play to hear the track, Steph gives him the ultimate death stare.

Harden Soul

It’s a funny commercial and it’s great to see new young faces in the NBA commercials. You can watch the full commercial below:

Immediately after the commercial was shown, people wondered if there was an extended cut of the Harden song. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe they wanted to punish their dogs.

The answer is yes. The song is not only available on iTunes for purchase. But Footlocker’s YouTube page also made it available.

You can listen below, but just know that your ears may hurt afterward.

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