I wanna take this new Nike commercial with Tiger Woods at face value. Basically, it’s Tiger staring at the camera as the voice of his late dad plays in the background. Obviously, the things Earl Woods is saying can be applied to Tiger’s recent troubles, although Earl passed away before all of this happens. It’s a pretty powerful piece, although I don’t know that the ad would suddenly make me wanna run out and buy Nike gear (if I wasn’t already a fan of Nike). Then again, I don’t know that ads featuring celebrities do anything for me at all as far as brand loyalty goes. I like what I like. But that’s another story for another article.

I don’t know-I guess I just wonder if Tiger’s really sorry. I mean, putting yourself on blast publicly like this does wonders from an image standpoint. I give him props for manning up and essentially saying “I was wrong. Sorry for disappointing you”. But there’s a difference between being apologetic and being remorseful, and I’m not sure I totally buy that he’s sorry for anything other than putting his millions in jeopardy.

Good Lord, I’m such a cynic.

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