I haven’t had much trouble not paying attention to T.I. for the last two or three years. I’ll admit to being disgusted with myself for liking that song he did with Chris Brown, but other than that, I really haven’t heard a peep from him (except for watching about 30 seconds of his VH-1 reality show) since he went back to jail. He’s been out for a year, his label has thrown about 232938283 singles at the wall, hoping one would stick, and I believe that they’ve finally found something-thanks to the indomitable Andre 3000. “Sorry” is a T.I. song nominally, but after hearing Andre’s voice, it’s completely plausible that many listeners will even forget Tip is on the record. WHY CAN’T THIS MAN GET INTO THE STUDIO AND MAKE A RECORD? It can be an OutKast record, a solo record, hell-he can call himself something else like Prince. I don’t care! Stop depriving your fans! Oh yeah, T.I.’s Trouble Man: Heavy In The Head hits stores 12/18. No, Andre 3000 won’t be on every song.

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