Kenna’s one of those artists that makes me wonder if the American music-buying public is completely dumb. If I ruled the world, this guy would have sold millions of copies of his first two albums, New Sacred Cow and Make Sure They See My Face. Of course, he also doesn’t fall into the music-buying public’s fairly narrow definition of what a black artist should sound like, a fate that has also recently prevented commercial breakthroughs by the likes of Kele/Bloc Party and TV on the Radio. Actually, if you’re a fan of either band, you’d probably dig Kenna quite a bit.

Kenna’s been laying low for a bit, but he’s set to return this March with an EP called Land 2 Air Chronicles 1: Chaos and the Darkness. It’s the first of several EPs he’ll be releasing before unveiling his third full-length project, Songs for Flight, which is scheduled for takeoff sometime later this year.

The first single from the EP is entitled “Chains”, and it’s a solid piece of new-wave influenced dance/pop, very much in line with his previous work. Like most of Kenna’s previous work, it was produced by Chad Hugo, the more talented but less spotlight-hogging half of The Neptunes.

You guys also might wanna check out the open letter to Pitchfork that Kenna posted on his blog. Anyone that takes a second to trash Pitchfork (a site that I think real music fans should stay away from in droves) is automatically cooler in my book.

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