After two decades, Lenny Kravitz parted ways with Virgin, his recording home, and signed with Roadrunner, home of Nickelback (I can hear you groaning through the computer screen, y’all).

His latest album, entitled Black & White America, is expected to surface this spring. He also recently surfaced at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, causing gaggles of women (and more than a few men) to fan themselves feverishly, as the man doesn’t seem to age.

Think after any of the changes, Lenny would bother to mess with his sound? Then you don’t know Lenny very well, do you?

“Come On Get It” is the title of the album’s first single, and it’s fairly immediately identifiable as a Lenny Kravitz record. Actually, more than it sounds like a Lenny record, it sounds like a Red Hot Chili Peppers record. What gives, Lenny?

Perhaps a little more disheartening is the fact that it’s a pretty soulless affair. The song sounds like it was tailor-made for an ad campaign…and holy crap, it was the featured song in NBA All-Star coverage this past weekend. It’s an okay record, but doesn’t really stick to the ribs. As someone who’s bought every Lenny album released so far (many of them twice-as I originally bought them on cassette and then several years later bought them on CD), there’s not a question about whether I’ll buy Black & White America. However, I do hope that he has much better offerings to serve up than this mediocre first single.

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By the way-can someone tell Craig Ross to get a haircut already?

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