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Dawes Release Friend-Studded Video For "All Your Favorite Bands"

Dawes Release Friend-Studded Video For “All Your Favorite Bands”

The men of Dawes release a star-studded new video for the title track of their new album.

So You Want to Be a Music Critic: An Insider's Guide

So You Want to Be a Music Critic: An Insider’s Guide

I started doing album reviews for Cavalier magazine back in the summer of ’66, my first being a review of Velvet Underground and Nico’s Banana Album, written in the form of a brief adventure story about a man whose plane crashes in the woods, who fights off a boar with an Italian penny loafer. The buxom blonde he hoists into the sunset is supposed to be emblematic of Nico’s contributions, though how exactly I can’t remember. You know what they say […]

Spin Cycle: The Shins' "Port of Morrow"

Spin Cycle: The Shins’ “Port of Morrow”

James Mercer and an (all new) band of Shins are back after a five-year absence. How much does a new lineup alter the landscape of The Shins’ intricate pop? Read the review and find out.

Calculating Hipsterdom: Determining Your Overall Hipster Magnitude (OHM)

Calculating Hipsterdom: Determining Your Overall Hipster Magnitude (OHM)

A little over a year ago, I wrote an editorial piece about Pitchfork’s cultural hegemony and the “dullard hipster masses” that keep it afloat, arguing that the collective idiocy of Pitchfork’s readership was responsible for their stranglehold-verging-on-monopolization of the critical tide. It was part of a long line of anti-hipster rants and ravings I produced before taking an extended sabbatical from music writing (which I took to fulfill my lifelong dream of sleeping on a couch and working retail). I’ve noticed a lot […]

Hear Here!: Kenna’s “Chains”

Kenna’s one of those artists that makes me wonder if the American music-buying public is completely dumb. If I ruled the world, this guy would have sold millions of copies of his first two albums, New Sacred Cow and Make Sure They See My Face. Of course, he also doesn’t fall into the music-buying public’s fairly narrow definition of what a black artist should sound like, a fate that has also recently prevented commercial breakthroughs by the likes of Kele/Bloc […]

Blerditorial: Why We Like What We Like (Part One)

Popblerd columnist Sam asks a very simple question: why do we like the music that we like?

New Release Report 5/4/10: Nineties Redux & An Indie Rock Extravaganza!

I knew which titles I wanted to spotlight today, then I took a look at the list of this week’s releases and realized that there’s, like, 3 million albums coming out today. Then my head exploded. Fortunately, a crack team of scientists was able to locate the part of my brain that retains musical knowledge and typing skills, and I am miraculously able to type up this column for you today. Let’s start with what’s a huge day in the […]