Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying my series on Popdose dedicated to the music of Michael Jackson. Today, we take a look at the solo albums Michael recorded for Motown. Truthfully, there ain’t a whole lotta gold in those thar particular hills, but there’s some wheat among the chaff. Most of the best songs from that era wound up being released as singles, so you’re probably good with any of the many compilations Motown has released of Michael’s solo work.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite albums was the soundtrack to a TV special Diana Ross hosted back in 1971. The J5 figured prominently on this soundtrack, and although I never actually saw the special (it aired five years before I was born), I was aware of this sketch. Hearing MJ adapt “It Was a Very Good Year” is priceless, but after watching this skit, it’s fair to say that acting was not his forte (at least not at this time).

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