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A Not Quite Definitive Ranking Of All Michael Jackson's Epic (Records) Songs

A Not Quite Definitive Ranking Of All Michael Jackson’s Epic (Records) Songs

All of Michael Jackson’s adult solo songs. Ranked in order from best to worst. Because why not?

Blerd Radio: September 2012 Episode 1: The "Bad"Cast (Oh Yeah, And A Contest)

Blerd Radio: September 2012 Episode 1: The “Bad”Cast (Oh Yeah, And A Contest)

Who’s bad? We’re bad!! Check out the latest Blerd Radio podcast, which is a tribute to Michael Jackson on the 25th anniversary of the release of his classic 1987 album.

Chamone! Bad 25 Gets A Track Listing

Chamone! Bad 25 Gets A Track Listing

With less than a month remaining until the 25th anniversary special edition version of Michael Jackson’s Bad is released, the folks at Sony Legacy have finally unveiled a track listing for the 3 CD/1 DVD set. In addition to the 11-track original album, there will be a second disc of rarities and unreleased tracks, as well as a 3rd CD containing the first ever officially released MJ live album, taken from a Wembley Stadium show in 1988. I must admit […]

Reading Is Fundamental: "Featuring Michael Jackson"

Reading Is Fundamental: “Featuring Michael Jackson”

Author Joe Vogel’s new book, “Featuring Michael Jackson,” continues to make the case for the King of Pop to be judged on his considerable musical merits.

Blerditorial: Remembering The Magic

Blerditorial: Remembering The Magic

Three years following his death, we remember the presence and legacy of Michael Jackson.

The Singles Bar: Michael Jackson's "Bad" (Afrojack Remix)

The Singles Bar: Michael Jackson’s “Bad” (Afrojack Remix)

Popular DJ Afrojack remixes one of the King of Pop’s most popular singles. What do you think of the “Bad” remix?

Chamone!: MJ's Bad Turns 25 With Deluxe Package

Chamone!: MJ’s Bad Turns 25 With Deluxe Package

Hee Hee! Check out what Sony has in store for the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s smash album Bad.

Reading Is Fundamental: A Preview of Frank Cascio’s “My Friend Michael”

The name Frank Cascio might not be immediately familiar to you unless you’re a Michael Jackson fan, but if you are, like me, a major KOP obsessive, then that name will immediately ring a bell. Cascio was MJ’s personal assistant and right hand man for well over a decade until his tragic 2009 death. Frank met Michael when he was barely out of diapers, and the two formed a lasting, close friendship that withstood all of the drama that entered […]

Moonlighting: Michaels on Michael (Popdose Podcast Extra)

Get four supreme music nerds to do a podcast, and how long do you think they’re gonna talk? Well, when I, fellow PBs Mike Duquette and Dr. Gonzo (Zack Stiegler) got together with Popdose’s Michael Parr for an in-depth discussion about the life and music of Michael Jackson, we emerged dazed and sweaty over three hours later. My condition would be exacerbated by a case of food poisoning just a couple short hours after the podcast wrapped, but that’s another story. Our delightful conversation touched on […]

bLISTerd: The 20 Best Michael Jackson Songs (Part Two)

Make sure you check out the first part of our list here . I’ll admit that this is where you’ll find the more “no-brainer” Michael songs, but I think that speaks less to predictability and more to a general consensus of his genius. There are certain things that make a great pop single-captivating lyrics, hooks that won’t leave your head, unique vocal performances. These ten songs have all those qualities and more. If your iPod only had room for 10 Michael […]

The Viewfinder: “Hollywood Tonight” by Michael Jackson

So, Michael, the first posthumous release of unreleased material by The King of Pop, hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. While certified Platinum in the U.S. for shipments of in excess of a million copies, the reality is that it’s sold about half of that. It’s hard to breathe life into a project when the artist isn’t here to promote it, but bless their hearts, Michael’s record company and management are trying. “Hollywood Tonight” is the second video release from […]

Chamone!! New Michael Jackson Album Coming Out 12/14

Well, this is a nice little Christmas gift. Sony Music has announced that an album consisting of previously unreleased Michael Jackson material is coming out on December 14th, just in time for the festive holiday season. No word on the track listing yet, but the album, entitled “Michael”, will contain at least a few tracks recorded in 2007 in New Jersey. There’s already been a bit of a kerfuffle (I’ve always wanted to use that word) regarding whether the vocals […]