Going from a Phil Collins post to a Maroon 5 post in a 24 hour span might turn off anyone reading this site who isn’t pop friendly, at which point I should probably ask: if you’re not pop friendly, then why the hell are you reading this site?

At any rate, there are lots of reasons to hate Maroon 5: their lead singer, Adam Levine, has impossible cheekbones and has carved several celebrity notches into his bedpost, they’ve got a handful of Grammy Awards (including a Best New Artist honor-so much for a jinx), and they’re unabashedly commercial. For “Hands All Over”, their third studio album , they’ve managed to get the infamous Robert John “Mutt” Lange in the producer’s chair. The album hits stores in September, and the first single, “Misery”, debuted on iTunes yesterday.

To my ears, the song sounds maybe a bit too derivative. If you put their breakout hit, “This Love”, in a blender with 2007’s #1 hit “Makes Me Wonder”, the result would likely be a song that sounds a lot like this. Repetition aside, it’s got an immediate hook and a shiny sound that should make it a summer smash and bodes well for the commercial future of the band. I just hope the album offers a little more in terms of creativity.

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