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Mary Wells & Sly & The Family Stone Book Reviews: Big Money Goes To Soul School

Mary Wells & Sly & The Family Stone Book Reviews: Big Money Goes To Soul School

If you’re a fan of soul music, we’ve got reviews of two books you must add to your must-read list.

Spin Cycle: The Damnwells, "Say What You Want"

Spin Cycle: The Damnwells, “Say What You Want”

Pop/rock band The Damnwells deliver their fans a treat in the form of a new track, “Say What You Want.” (apparently, it’s a demo. We don’t really believe them.)

bLISTerd Goes Back To School! The 10 Best School-Related Movies

bLISTerd Goes Back To School! The 10 Best School-Related Movies

It’s back to school time! The Popblerd staff (joined by the Popdose staff) counts down their favorite school-related films of all time.

Moonlighting: Michaels on Michael (Popdose Podcast Extra)

Get four supreme music nerds to do a podcast, and how long do you think they’re gonna talk? Well, when I, fellow PBs Mike Duquette and Dr. Gonzo (Zack Stiegler) got together with Popdose’s Michael Parr for an in-depth discussion about the life and music of Michael Jackson, we emerged dazed and sweaty over three hours later. My condition would be exacerbated by a case of food poisoning just a couple short hours after the podcast wrapped, but that’s another story. Our delightful conversation touched on […]

New Release Report: The Floodgates Open

Welcome to the first big release week of 2011. It’s kinda like the lights all of a sudden got turned on in the room, and there will be multiple albums vying for the #1 spot next week-of course, the sensible part of me wonders why these albums couldn’t have been spread out (especially since they’ve obviously all been done for quite some time), but this is the music industry…there’s no room for sense. Anyhow, here’s a look at this week’s […]

Moonlighting: Raphael Saadiq on Popdose (Plus a Playlist!)

A Twitter conversation that began when I posted Raphael Saadiq’s new “Radio” single a week and a half ago led me to promising Popdose Grand Poobah Jeff Giles that I would complete a guide to Saadiq’s music. These guides are a lot of fun to do, but they’re a lot of work. I can’t say that I remember every single song in anyone’s discography, so over the next few days I listened to all of my old Tony Toni Tone albums (and […]

Moonlighting: Reviews of The Black Eyed Peas & El DeBarge on Popdose!!

Links to reviews of new albums by The Black Eyed Peas and El DeBarge on

Moonlighting: Popdose Presents The Top 20 Songs of Summer

Well, folks: today marks the unofficial end of summer (as someone who doesn’t have to worry about going back to school or sending kids back to school, I get to party for another two weeks). Hopefully everyone’s gotten their fill of beaches and barbecue, because (at least for us back East)-we’ve only got another 6-8 weeks before the temperatures again turn cold and we’ve got to schlep on the winter gear. Out with the shorts and flip-flops, in with the […]

Moonlighting: My Big Boi Review on Popdose

I must admit, I was very surprised by the quality of Big Boi’s debut album “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty”. Like many people, my brain sort of fooled me into thinking that Andre 3000 was the brains behind OutKast and Big was just kinda the John Oates of the operation. Boy, was I ever wrong. “Leftfoot” is a non-stop funky good time. The production is slamming, Big’s verses are tight, and it’s not overindulgent like even the […]

MJ Week Continues with the Popdose Guide to Michael Jackson, Part 4

Strangely, the hardest part of this whole thing to write had to do with a series of albums I could probably sing along to in my sleep. What can be said about “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Dangerous” that hasn’t been said a million times before? I’ll let you all decide whether I brought anything new to the table, but I do appreciate you checking out all four parts of my MJ series on Popdose. Michael would go on to make […]

More MJ Week: The Popdose Guide to Michael Jackson, Part 3

The Jacksons’ best material was still to come in 1975, but a lot of folks out there probably thought they left their magic behind when they left Motown. Fortunately, Michael and his brothers found their footing, and their Epic albums, specifically 1978’s “Destiny” and 1980’s “Triumph”, are excellent albums. I continue my trip through Michael’s discovery on Popdose with Part 3 of the Popdose Guide to Michael Jackson. This covers the entirety of The Jacksons’ post-Motown work and we snazzed it […]

MJ Week Continues with the Popdose Guide to Michael Jackson, Part Two

Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying my series on Popdose dedicated to the music of Michael Jackson. Today, we take a look at the solo albums Michael recorded for Motown . Truthfully, there ain’t a whole lotta gold in those thar particular hills, but there’s some wheat among the chaff. Most of the best songs from that era wound up being released as singles, so you’re probably good with any of the many compilations Motown has released of Michael’s solo work. When I was a kid, one […]