A new video game featuring the music and moves of Michael Jackson is coming soon.

With just over a week until the first anniversary of the death of the King of Pop (I promise I’ll have something special going on here to commemorate it) it feels like the right time to go over some quick news items that have popped up over the past week.

First off, video game creator Ubisoft has announced plans for a Michael Jackson video game that will arrive on store shelves towards the end of the year. The game (which is untitled right now) will allow players to sing and dance in the manner of MJ. The game comes with approval from the Jackson estate, and is the first Jackson-related game to hit shelves since “Moonwalker” for Sega Genesis over twenty years ago.  My prediction? The game will be a success, but it will also probably result in a ton of injuries. Those leg kicks are a mother.

Michael’s parents are back in the news this week. Apparently Papa Joe was interviewed by a British tabloid and inferred that his wife, Michael’s mother Katherine, was indirectly responsible for their son’s death. Even for Joe, a man who beat his kids mercilessly, fathered a child out of wedlock and used to make Michael so uncomfortable that he would throw up in Joe’s presence, you’d have to say that’s pretty low. Nevertheless, at the hearing for Conrad Murray yesterday, Joe and Katherine arrived together. While you have to admire Mrs. Jackson’s loyalty, you’ve also got to wonder: how much is enough? Someone should have put a muzzle on Joe a long time ago. No wonder that family’s so fucked up.

On a happier note, legendary New Jersey emcee Redman pays tribute to Michael with his new video “Lookin’ Fly”. Not only does the song sample The Jacksons’ 1980 classic “Heartbreak Hotel”, but Redman rocks an “Off the Wall”-era tux and recreates the backdrop for the “Rock with You” video. No, it’s not the most original video (see: Q-Tip’s “Move” clip), but it’s heart is in the right place.

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