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We Saw It!: The Jacksons - Unity 2012 In Saratoga, CA

We Saw It!: The Jacksons – Unity 2012 In Saratoga, CA

Thanks to my man @prak_daddy , I can finally say that I witnessed a Jackson or Jacksons concert. No, I never got to see a Jackson in their hey-day in concert. And unfortunately, I’ll never be able to say that I saw MJ in concert. But, seeing the Jacksons at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA on Friday night made me realize one thing: no matter how much the Jacksons family is in news for all the wrong reasons, their home is on the stage. […]

Blerd Radio Episode 6: Drake, Dads and Douches

Well, we got at least two of the three topics covered. On the latest episode of Blerd Radio, I am joined by GG and Carletta, who also happened to be my very first guests on Blerd Radio! Among the topics discussed in this action-packed episode: The NBA Finals, Ron Artest’s rap career and why people hate Kobe Bryant The ongoing struggles of the Jackson family, and is Joe Jackson the most hated entertainment figure of all time? What happened to Christina […]

Joe, Katherine and Redman…This Week in Michael Jackson

With just over a week until the first anniversary of the death of the King of Pop (I promise I’ll have something special going on here to commemorate it) it feels like the right time to go over some quick news items that have popped up over the past week. First off, video game creator Ubisoft has announced plans for a Michael Jackson video game that will arrive on store shelves towards the end of the year. The game (which […]