If Drake looks up, do his eyebrows cover his field of vision?

For the five of you who (like me) haven’t illegally downloaded it off of the internet, Drake’s debut album, “Thank Me Later” is finally released after a year of pre-release buzz. I’ve gotta say, the fact that “Thank” is on the lips of hip-hop fans everywhere is a testament to the marketing team behind Drake, who’ve apparently gotten hip-hop fans everywhere to drink the Kool-Aid and put their marbles behind a a personality-deficient Canadian former child actor with caterpillar eyebrows. I keed, I keed…sorta. I actually don’t mind the guy (although I *do* think he’s personality-deficient, not to mention way overrated), but I’m sure cameos from the likes of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will add a shot of energy to Drake’s debut.

The Lil’ Wayne protege heads a pretty busy release week, which has something for everyone, just about. Sarah McLachlan emerges from wherever the hell she was hiding with her first album in nearly seven years, “Laws of Illusion”. I used to be a pretty big Sarah fan, but she’s made the exact same album going on, what, six times? Seven times? I might pass on this one. Also returning after a reasonably long absence-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The stalwarts of classic rock radio have returned with “Mojo”-already the recipient of a glowing 4-star review in Rolling Stone. With that said, the longest hiatus taken by anyone releasing an album today has to be the 20-year break taken by Akron, Ohio’s favorite sons, Devo. “Something for Everybody” is the flowerpot-brimmed band’s first effort since the first Bush administration. I wonder if they called Jermaine up asking for another collaboration.

Also out is the latest effort from my favorite Swedish cupcake, Robyn. In a decade’s time, she’s transformed from baby-faced pop cutie to indie-dance maven. “Body Talk Pt. 1” is the first in a series of mini-albums Robyn will be putting out over the next year or so, and if the songs included are anywhere near as good as they were on her 2008 effort, “Body Talk” will be making my list of favorites for the year.

Don’t forget that there are also new albums out by Steve Miller Band (yet another act returning after a lengthy siesta-it’s been 17 years!), Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem, Southern rappers Nappy Roots, and pop/rocker Kevin Rudolf. Make sure you check out Pause and Play for a complete list of new music arriving this week and beyond.

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