Straight up. I love The Roots.

Even if I didn’t think ?uestlove might be my Blerd brother from another mother, I’d still dig the band. Hell, they make Jimmy Fallon tolerable, and that is a tall, tall order.

Previewing the June release of “How I Got Over”, the Philly band’s 9th studio album, check out “Dear God 2.0”, a slight re-imagining of a track originally written and performed by indie rock supergroup Monsters of Folk that was released last fall (and Monsters of Folk, I need to be forgiven for buying your album after hearing a million great things about it and neglecting to listen to it so far. After hearing this song, it has moved up quite a few places on my “To Listen to” list). Black Thought is one of the most remarkably consistent emcees in the history of the hip-hop game, and The Roots continue to make music that is undeniably soulful. My excitement level for “How I Got Over” is at an all-time peak after hearing this track.

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