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Liam Finn Takes His Song Titles Really Literally...

Liam Finn Takes His Song Titles Really Literally…

Good music and a laugh-what more could you ask for today?

Set Your "Lampshades On Fire": Modest Mouse Is Back

Set Your “Lampshades On Fire”: Modest Mouse Is Back

Indie rock vets Modest Mouse return with “Lampshades On Fire,” heralding their first new album in eight years.

Who The Hell Is...Tic Tic Boom?

Who The Hell Is…Tic Tic Boom?

Check out some new music from indie pop duo Tic Tic Boom.

Mazzy Star, Seasons of Your Day: Album Review

Mazzy Star, Seasons of Your Day: Album Review

17 years is a mighty long time between albums, yet that’s precisely how long it’s been since Mazzy Star’s previous release, 1996’s Among My Swan. In 2011, murmurings of new Mazzy Star material began to reverberate through the Internet, culminating in the release of a single by year’s end. The “Common Burn”/”Lay Myself Down” single was our first taste of a reported new album, initially slated for 2012. The album’s proposed release date met a number of setbacks, until finally, […]

The Julie Ruin, Run Fast: Album Review

The Julie Ruin, Run Fast: Album Review

For more than two decades, Kathleen Hanna has been a central figure in the marriage of activism, music, and politics. By now it seems to go without saying that together with her bandmates in Bikini Kill, Hanna helped an unapologetically feminist discourse to bubble into the mainstream, fomenting the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s. The aughts saw Hanna incorporate more electronic elements into her music with Le Tigre, a power trio whose lyrics were no less political, continuing to […]

The Viewfinder: Bad Rabbits, "Dance with Me"

The Viewfinder: Bad Rabbits, “Dance with Me”

Despite having just wrapped up a tour to support their American Love LP, Boston’s Bad Rabbits are already dishing out new music. Last week, the band dropped the new single, “Dance with Me,” from their forthcoming LP produced by the king of new jack swing, Mr. Teddy Riley. You can read more about that project in our interview with the band . For now, here’s a brand new video for “ Dance with Me ,” featuring Clinton Sparks. The video vividly captures the party vibe of “Dance with […]

Royal Teeth  GLOW  Album Review

Royal Teeth GLOW Album Review

The much awaited debut album from New Orleans indie pop band Royal Teeth titled GLOW came out on August 13th. See what we had to say!

The Popblerd Halftime Show: Drew's Best of 2013 So Far

The Popblerd Halftime Show: Drew’s Best of 2013 So Far

Halfway through 2013, we’ve come to an interesting impasse: moreso than the last several years, the music of this year has been largely awesome. I don’t say this to suggest that I’m one of those curmudgeonly sorts that thinks new music blows; it’s just, we’ve been in a bit of a lull. Much of 2012 was boring on the album front, and 2011 was only marginally better. And yet, here we are at unlucky ’13, and I’ve already doled out […]

The Halftime Report: Gonzo's picks for 2013 (so far)

The Halftime Report: Gonzo’s picks for 2013 (so far)

The last two years have been fairly ho-hum for me in terms of music. I was concerned that 2013 would follow that pattern. Although 2013 still doesn’t look to be a banner year for my tastes in the way that 2010 was, there have been a number of noteworthy releases, particularly from the second quarter onward. Here are a few of my picks for 2013 to date (in no order). Jamie Lidell-Jamie Lidell (Warp) I fell hard for Jamie Lidell […]

The Halftime Report: Cunningham's Best of 2013 (so far)

The Halftime Report: Cunningham’s Best of 2013 (so far)

The first half of 2013 was dominated by a string of solid releases in the garage punk and disco-house genres, and it also featured cameos from some indie-pop gems and the occasional decent R&B album. But January-through-June was owned by a very recent hip-hop release that any true head would have trouble not listening to on repeat. 1. Quasimoto-Yessir Whatever Technically a compilation of unreleased tracks from the last 14 years, Yessir Whatever hits harder than its predecessor, 2005’s The […]

The Popblerd! Halftime Show: Cassandra's Best of 2013 So Far

The Popblerd! Halftime Show: Cassandra’s Best of 2013 So Far

Coming up with this list was actually somewhat easy, since the majority of my top albums I knew were “the ones” when I first listened to them. I’m going to spare the long blurbs, and try to just do some key points, but we all know how that will probably turn out. For fun, I added some notables, some EPs, some local bands (gotta rep my Local 92.9 [shameless plug]), and some looking forward to-s. Enjoy!  Biffy Clyro – Opposites […]

Beck Wants You "Defriended": Preparing Two New Albums for Release This Year

Beck Wants You “Defriended”: Preparing Two New Albums for Release This Year

The ever-eclectic Beck Hansen is back after his sheet music experiment with the song “Defriended.”