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“Glow” is the latest album by rock band Royal Teeth.

The much awaited debut album from New Orleans indie pop band Royal Teeth titled GLOW came out on August 13th.  By this time, you probably all know my giant love of this band, so I’ll just get right to it. There were a couple key tracks (possible second singles?) and many positive things throughout the album. Here’s a track by track.

The ukulele picking in “Hold Me Now” paired with Nora Patterson’s oohs and Gary Larsen’s vocals crooning “hold me, just hold me” is very audibly pleasing. The fact that they open the album (and most of their shows) with this solid track lets you know that they are composite as a group and their hearts are completely in it.

“Vagabonds” is one of my personal favorites. Larsen’s sultry, deep vocals and Nora’s alto harmony telling tales of running away, taking chances, and driving to an unknown land sounds like a wild adventure worth taking. The rhythmic drum part at the end is a last chance to dance the night away.

Everyone’s favorite summer single, “Wild” continues to rock on and fit nicely into place on the full length from its transition from the Act Naturally EP. Every element of the song makes it the best track Royal Teeth could have picked to put them on the map.

“Yellow Paper” was a previously unheard track for many, since they don’t play it live very often. It almost falls along the idea of, “if you love something, let it go.” There’s also a bit of a tropical undertone to Andrew Poe’s keys that compliments the Patterson/Larsen perfect harmony.

“We Can Glow” is the second of the two songs I had never heard before. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Nora takes the lead on this one. And does she shine! (Or should I say glow?) It’s a passionate pop song as “We can glow, like a wild fire” stands tall as the chorus mixed in with effortless “oh ohs” that show just how talented she really is.

Their oldest “new” song, “Stay” never made the EP, so they reworked it, added some of their catchy drum parts that they’re so known for, added some electric guitar and a stronger chorus, and made sure it ended up on GLOW. The languishing lyrics, the upbeat instrumentals, the drum break bridge followed by a wholehearted “woo” leading back into the chorus make this song a potential for a second single.

The desperation in the tone of “Pick Up The Phone” while the harmonic duo breathily cries out, “I don’t even want to be alone” rips through your heart and plays at your emotions while jingly keys make it seem like everything is alright.

“Honey” is sexy and sassy and tinged with a little bit of the 70s. It’s airy with the blended oohs, and slightly scandalous, crooning of desire and sweetness.

The bassline in “Monster” is a killer and the alternating vocals are reminiscent of the EP. Jazzed up with an additional multi drum pulse in the bridge, this track is delicious like candy, and so easy to dance to.

Goose bump raiser, “Waiting Here For You” is a stand out track, for the fact that it isn’t done with the whole band and doesn’t include any drum parts. A simple acoustic guitar and a piano duet alongside Larsen’s and Patterson’s intertwining voices. Completely simple and heart achingly beautiful.

Ode to NOLA, “Mais La” closes out GLOW with a festive celebration of love, life, and youth and it definitely has the potential to be the second single. Written by guitarist Stevie Billeaud when he was a bit homesick, the track paints a picture of the city under lights and bright colors, which is the perfect representation of the band itself.

Overall, there are a lot of great sounds coming from this young band’s debut, and a lot of potential for even more growth as they continue to tour and get recognized.

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