It’s almost mid-week, right? You probably need a little bit of a pick me up before the Hump Day Doldrums (they’re a thing) officially kick in.

Why not check out “These Motions,” the bouncy new track from L.A. duo Tic Tic Boom? Trust me, you’ll be chair dancing in no time.

(listen at the Soundcloud link here)

Tic Tic Boom (consisting of real life couple Leilani Francisco and Mike DeLay) are meta meta DIY-writing and performing their own songs, putting them out, and even mastering and engineering the recordings. Their fourth EP, It’s The Heart That’s A Fool, was released last week.

For something just as electro but a little less bouncy, why don’t you check out their video for “How It Ends”?

Check out their Bandcamp site, where you can download It’s The Heart for free.

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