Blerd Radio celebrates a milestone this week! Well, no we don’t. But I couldn’t think of a more dramatic way to introduce Episode 4.

On this episode, I am joined once again by my boy +LB, who was awakened out of peaceful slumber by a text from yours truly saying “Dude! The show starts in ten minutes!”. I am also joined by Jay, who hosts the much more professional (and funnier, and more drunken) Brink of Sanity Podcast. Not only is +LB my first repeat guest, but Jay is also Blerd Radio’s first Caucasian guest. We are blazing all kinds of new trails on this show, people.

Among the topics discussed during this fun-filled hour:

*How weird it feels to be the only person out of the three participants who is not hungover.

*A tribute to Ronnie James Dio, during which +LB is awakened to the revelation that RJD introduced the world to the devil horns hand symbol.

*+LB and I pay tribute to a personal friend that recently passed away, automatically making Episode 4 the most depressing Podcast episode we’ve run so far.

*We run through a list of dos and don’ts for concert-goers as we roll into the summer touring season.

*Jay gets all braggy and shit and says that he’s already seen most of the bands he wants to see.

*We all agree that Kobe Bryant is a douchebag and Lindsay Lohan is a dumb broad.

*More crowing about the success of the Boston Celtics. We also put out an APB for Jameer Nelson.

*Pondering the mysteries of skinny jeans.

*We arrive at the theory that hipsters have small penises.

*Jay plugs his show as well as his dad’s website.

All that and more on Episode 4 of Blerd Radio!! Enjoy!!

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