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Every Five Star Song In My iTunes Library

Every Five Star Song In My iTunes Library

I’m talking about every single 5-star song in my iTunes library. Take a trip with me!!

The Blerd Radio Podcast (2016 | Episode 7) : 1996

The Blerd Radio Podcast (2016 | Episode 7) : 1996

A lot happened in 1996. Let’s stroll down memory lane in the latest Blerd Radio podcast.

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the '90s: The Top Ten!!

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’90s: The Top Ten!!

Pearl Jam has two albums in the Top 10, but do they lay claim to the #1 spot on our list of the ’90s best albums?

Spin Cycle: Relient K’s “Is For Karaoke”

Hard as it may be to throw together a good covers album – lest we forget the recent debacle of Puddle of Mudd’s unholy, mind-meltingly awful Re:(disc)overed  – it’s difficult to argue that, at least within the realm of rock music, bands that perform in the pop-punk style have the best shot at album-length success. It’s a hard balance to strike – you have to fight the right tonal balance between sincerity and irony, never veering too far in either direction, […]

bLISTerd: Happy Birthday, MTV!: The Top 10 Videos of the ’00s

Missy Elliott works it, Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse try on funny mustaches, and Fiddy parties like it’s yo’ berf day (AKA #20-#11) here . 10. Here it Goes Again | OK Go (2006) It all started with some treadmills. Add in a synchronized choreography routine (not very easy to do on treadmills, mind you) and a C-list power-pop band turns into those guys! Do you think the members of OK Go are pissed because they’ve turned into something of a […]

bLISTerd: Happy Anniversary, MTV!: The 50 Best Videos of the ’00s (30-21)

Dave Grohl stars in a telenovela, D’Angelo gets butt nekkid, and facial hair gets set on fire (AKA, the previous ten entries on this list) here . On with the show! 30. “Jesus Walks (Chris Milk version)” | Kanye West (2004) Packed with powerful images, the second of three separate videos for Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” is one of those videos that you can’t turn away from for a second. While the other two versions are a bit on the tame side, the Chris Milk-directed version is a somewhat […]

Chart Chat 9/23/10: Linkin Park and Trey Songz In A Photo Finish!

1,005 units separate this week’s #1 and #2 albums in one of the closest races for the top spot in history. The eventual victor? Rock giants Linkin Park score the top spot with 241,000 units sold of their fourth studio album, “A Thousand Suns”. While that sum is healthy, it is cause for alarm considering that LP’s last album, “Minutes to Midnight”, debuted with triple that sum just three short years ago. Linkin Park’s sound has gradually evolved over the […]

New Release Report 9/14/10: The Floodgates Open

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet on the new release front. Well, folks, brace yourselves. ‘Cause there’s a TON of stuff coming out this Tuesday and for the next several Tuesdays. Let’s jump right into it, huh? Linkin Park occasionally gets lumped in with the whole nu-metal movement, which is kinda sad, because I think Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda have more musical talent in their pinkie fingers than Fred Durst has in his whole body. At […]

Will Weezer’s “Memories” Video Make You Nostalgic for…2004??

I feel like I just posted about Weezer’s new album, “Hurley” yesterday (OK, it was a couple weeks ago)…and now we are four short days away from the album’s release. With the anticipation building for Rivers and co.’s first independent release, they’ve hit us with the video for the first single, “Memories”. Now, Weezer’s always recorded some pretty memorable clips-from “Buddy Holly” to “Keep Fishin’” to “Beverly Hills”. In light of those awesome clips, “Memories” is kinda…I don’t know. I […]

A Perfect Start to the Long Weekend: B.O.B. & Rivers Cuomo Make “Magic”!

Someone was blasting B.O.B. on Twitter earlier because they found him too poppy. My take on it is this: there is nothing inherently wrong with pop music (or commercial music, or hooky music) as long as it’s done right. B.O.B. is quite obviously a talented cat. He has good taste in collaborators, to boot. While my mind is occasionally boggled by what gets played on Top 40 radio, I will say that B.O.B is one of those dudes whose music […]

Weezer “Memories”

Despite the fact that less and less people seem to share my viewpoint these days, a new Weezer album is always cause for celebration in my neck of the woods. After a lengthy relationship with Geffen Records, Rivers Cuomo and company have jumped ship to land at legendary “indie” (there’s that word again) label Epitaph. Their new album, “Hurley”, comes out this fall and is shaping up to have a bigger rollout than the last couple of Weezer records. Not […]