Someone was blasting B.O.B. on Twitter earlier because they found him too poppy. My take on it is this: there is nothing inherently wrong with pop music (or commercial music, or hooky music) as long as it’s done right. B.O.B. is quite obviously a talented cat. He has good taste in collaborators, to boot. While my mind is occasionally boggled by what gets played on Top 40 radio, I will say that B.O.B is one of those dudes whose music I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio every 10 seconds…if I actually listened to the radio.

Anyway, the video for “Magic” is officially making the rounds, and it’s a fun clip. The song itself is irresistibly bouncy-you would have to be the world’s biggest stick in the mud to not move to the beat. I could take or leave the video, although you have to admire the work the director did so as not to make obvious Rivers Cuomo’s extreme lack of rhythm. We might be saying goodbye to summer this weekend, but this song and video will hopefully keep the good vibes going for just a little while longer.

Check out the clip on Consequence of Sound!

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