Kanye West is definitely staying true to his promise to deliver his fans new music every Friday for the remainder of 2010. This week’s entry is a jam entitled “Devil in a Blue Dress”. It definitely goes for a less aggressive approach than “Power” or “Monster”-maybe that’s a reason I don’t like it as much? I don’t know, maybe I need another listen. The song’s just not hitting me the way ‘Ye usually does-it sounds like a faded Xerox of something from “The College Dropout”.

More interestingly, you might want to follow @KanyeWest on Twitter. In between the goofiness and puffing out of the chest, Kanye is actually involving himself in some real talk (as if one would expect any different from him). So far today, he’s gone in on the Taylor Swift controversy in typically open fashion. You’ve got to respect an artist who keeps it all the way real with his fans (even though the cynical part of me says that the whole thing was still a setup and neither MTV nor Kanye knew how severe the backlash was going to be…so who knows how “real” this all is?). Anyway, he’s easily one of the more entertaining celebrities on Twitter, so make sure you check him out.

You can download the song directly from Kanye’s blog.

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