I feel like I just posted about Weezer’s new album, “Hurley” yesterday (OK, it was a couple weeks ago)…and now we are four short days away from the album’s release. With the anticipation building for Rivers and co.’s first independent release, they’ve hit us with the video for the first single, “Memories”. Now, Weezer’s always recorded some pretty memorable clips-from “Buddy Holly” to “Keep Fishin'” to “Beverly Hills”. In light of those awesome clips, “Memories” is kinda…I don’t know. I like the SONG more now, but the video’s sipping on the wack juice a little bit. Seriously? The cast of “Jackass”? First of all, what do they have to do with the song? Secondly, has anyone given a shit about anything Johnny Knoxville and company have done in, like, five years? In this case, the stunt casting makes no sense.

I just realized there’s a new “Jackass” movie coming out in October. It all makes sense now. Never mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, in my effort to reach out to all citizens of the workd with this site, I now present you with the “Memories” video…complete with Spanish subtitles!!

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