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Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 12)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 12)

We discuss the Queen of Disco for the one and only time in the latest episode of the Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast. Plus, Aretha, Rick and more!

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles (Episode 4)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles (Episode 4)

A new podcast is up! Get the warm bath ready, ’cause Smokey’s coming!

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (170-161)

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (170-161)

Another 10 #1 R&B hits from the ’80s. Yesssssss.

American Idol Season 12 – And Then There Were 8

American Idol Season 12 – And Then There Were 8

We’re down to 8 on American Idol. Will Lazaro be rightfully eliminated or is he Teflon?

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: "Cruisin'"

The Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo: “Cruisin'”

What the hell is a Gwynhuey? Find that out and more in the latest installment of the Blerd & Gonzo Cover Convo.

Diggin’ in the Crates: The Supremes’ “A Bit of Liverpool”

The 1960s were filled with tons of incredible (and forgettable) music. Two of my most-loved musical institutions are products of that decade – The Beatles and Motown. So I was taken aback to find this little gem at Missing Link Records in Austin, Texas last summer. Although I was unaware of the album’s existence, it makes a great deal of sense. The Beatles were heavily influenced by American pop and soul, including Motown. Indeed, the Fabs’ early discography includes memorable […]

Diggin’ in the Crates: Rick James’ “Cold Blooded”

Many of us at Popblerd HQ are big vinyl collectors. It allows us the chance to catch up on some of our old favorites, many of which aren’t available on CD (or digitally). With that in mind, we decided to create this here column. Diggin’ in the Crates finds us flipping through our own stacks of vinyl and reviewing some old favorites. Our first entry in this column comes courtesy of the bad-ass king of punk-funk: Buffalo’s own Rick James. […]

Hump Day Flashback: Of Time, Clocks and Hearts

Reading my friend Mike’s Back Tracks column on Culture Club on his website The Second Disc got me thinking about how it’s a shame that Boy George will probably be remembered more for his outrageous image, general bitchassness and criminal behavior than for his beautiful voice. Although that voice has grown a bit of a rough edge over the years (see his recent turn on Mark Ronson’s album for proof, in his heyday, he was one of the smoothest pop/soul singers around, with a voice that […]

Blerd Radio Episode 7: My Summer Vacation

After it became apparent that summer was going to very quickly get away from me, I decided to table the podcast for a couple of months. However, those of you who were enjoying Blerd Radio, guess what? We’re back!! For our Season 2 premiere, I called on my regulars: GG and Car-late-a Carletta for what turned out to be a quite entertaining show. Among the topics discussed: -While waiting for Carletta to show up, GG and I discuss our summers, the return […]

New Release Report 9/7/10: Let Me Hear Your “Body Talk”

Yes…I am quoting the great Olivia Newton-John. This week brings a pretty eclectic crop of releases. There’s not a LOT of stuff out today, but there is a little something for everyone. IF YOU LIKE electro-pop with a heart, you’ll go for Robyn’s “Body Talk, Pt. 2”. The latest installment in the Swedish singer’s series (there’s a tongue-twister for ya) of mini albums features the ubiquitous Snoop Dogg (who gave Robyn some shine a couple years ago by featuring her […]

Hump Day Flashback: Rick & Smokey Pay Tribute to “Ebony Eyes”

After “Billie Jean” and “Beat It” took the video world by storm in 1983, everyone and their mother realized the power of having a good narrative to accompany the visuals for their songs. Some of those people didn’t realize how much comedic value these videos would have years later. Case in point: Rick James & Smokey Robinson’s 1983 collaboration, “Ebony Eyes”. Flight-based narrative aside, this video is notable for several reasons. One, it never made it to MTV (the network […]