Yes…I am quoting the great Olivia Newton-John.

This week brings a pretty eclectic crop of releases. There’s not a LOT of stuff out today, but there is a little something for everyone.

IF YOU LIKE electro-pop with a heart, you’ll go for Robyn’s “Body Talk, Pt. 2”. The latest installment in the Swedish singer’s series (there’s a tongue-twister for ya) of mini albums features the ubiquitous Snoop Dogg (who gave Robyn some shine a couple years ago by featuring her on his “Sexual Eruption/Sensual Seduction” remix). If there’s even one song as good as Part One’s “Dancing on My Own” on Part Two, then we’ll have ourselves a pretty good album.

IF YOU LIKE earnest chick songwriters, then you’ll go for Sara Bareilles’ “Kaleidoscope Heart”. If Sara’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because her debut hit, “Love Song”, was all over the radio during the early part of 2009. It was a peppy little ditty, but she didn’t really follow it up (at least to my knowledge). I’m somewhat tempted to give her album a shot-but I think this will be a definite case of listen first, spend money later.

IF YOU LIKE being a hipster, there’s a new Interpol album out today! Because I’m an open-minded kind of guy, I bought the band’s last album, “Antics”. I didn’t think much of it. Not that it was bad or anything, but…I don’t know. There’s a part of me that responds to hype, and when something doesn’t live up to the hype, I get very disappointed. I think that’s what happened here.

Not much going on beyond those three releases, honestly. The legendary Jerry Lee Lewis is releasing a new album (called “Mean Old Man”, which judging from what I know about “The Killer” is a most appropriate title), as is “Stand By Me” singer Ben E. King (man, there will be a trip to the record store today for the folks at the retirement home). Stone Sour (the side project of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor) are also releasing a new album today. Slipknot inexplicably remains popular, so a few people might be into this album (and Stone Sour’s “Bother”, which was on the first “Spider-Man” soundtrack, is actually a REALLY good song). Meanwhile, on the reissue tip, Smokey Robinson (who you will hear more about on the next episode of Blerd Radio, currently being edited) and Hip-O Select are re-releasing his first two solo albums, “Smokey” and “Pure Smokey” in a single set. Hey, that Botox bill isn’t gonna pay itself, right?

As usual, make sure you check out Pause and Play for a complete list of all current and future releases. Happy Tuesday!

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