After it became apparent that summer was going to very quickly get away from me, I decided to table the podcast for a couple of months. However, those of you who were enjoying Blerd Radio, guess what? We’re back!!

For our Season 2 premiere, I called on my regulars: GG and Car-late-a Carletta for what turned out to be a quite entertaining show. Among the topics discussed:

-While waiting for Carletta to show up, GG and I discuss our summers, the return of college students to Boston in the fall, and whether said students practice seasonally appropriate dressing.

-Exactly how big of an idiot is T.I.?

-Who started the era of the talentless celebutante?

-Are Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson and Denzel Washington all using the ‘Tox?

-Why GG thinks there’s a double standard when it comes to athletes using steroids and HGH vs. actors using them.

-Kanye vs. Taylor, Kanye vs. Kanye

-Why Kanye’s Blackberry needs a better Spellcheck.

-Fantasia Barrino’s “suicide attempt” and “comeback”

-The future of “American Idol”

Also, check out the music at the top of the show, which was provided by my friends in Halston and the hilarious bumper at the end, which was provided courtesy of my friend Dave.

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